Marty Layne

Canadian Author Marty Layne wrote a book over 12 years ago that is the voice of a homeschool mom to other homeschool parents. It’s called Learning At Home: A Mother’s Guide To Homeschooling.

One reviewer commented the following when asked about this book:

“It was a nice, easy read. I felt she had good insight on homeschooling and helped me relax about things I was concerned about.  I love that she isn’t a “professional” just another homeschooling mom speaking to us.”

The book itself covers everything from the much asked question of “Can I do this?” to suggestions on how to implement various areas of curriculum into your life to surviving burn-out to what happens after home school.


Can I Do This -Teach My Child At Home?

2  Creating A Learning Environment

3  Helping Your Child Learn To Read

4  Inviting Children To Write 


6  The Arts: Music, Art, Drama, Phys. Ed

7  Life As Curriculum: Science and Social Studies 

8  Burn-out 

Marty’s book is well-recommended and a valuable addition to any homeschooler’s bookshelf of references. You can order it HERE.


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