Lily in the Loft Picture Book

Lily in the Loft Review

This post includes affiliate links. From the early 1900s to 2000, a newspaper called The Western Producer included a special section that published the works of kids all over the prairies of Canada. They were members of the Young Co-Operators’ Club, kids who sent in their poems and stories to earn points and badges. Carol […]

YesterCanada: Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure

Canada’s history is full of stories of the experiences of people who have lived here, but we often get caught up in the big picture moments instead of magnifying these little moments. YesterCanada by Elma Schemenauer is a collection of short historical fiction stories that pause at these unique events to give us a glimpse […]

Through Flood and Fire {Living Book Review}

Title: Through Flood and Fire {Book Review} Author: Anne Patton Publisher: Coteau Books Age Range: Children (9+) Time Period: 1903 Location: Saskatchewan Dorothy is in a campsite on the edge of a little village called Saskatoon. The year is 1903 and the 10-year-old girl and her family have come all the way from England to Canada. They are heading to […]

Teaching with Historical Fiction

Part One: Teaching With Historical Fiction

Today’s Guest Post is from author Roderick Benns. This is the first of a five-part series on the how’s and why’s of teaching with historical fiction.   Part One: Historical Fiction will grab a student’s curiosity more quickly than a text book. Educators who choose historical fiction novels to begin a lesson have an advantage compared […]

Teaching with Historical Fiction

Part Two: Teaching with Historical Fiction

Part Two: Teaching with historical fiction creates more equity. In a group learning dynamic (whether in a classroom or in a smaller home school group) students have varying degrees of prior knowledge from which to draw from. In defining ‘prior knowledge’ we now know that students learn more effectively when they already know at least some […]

Teaching with Historical Fiction

Part Four: Teaching With Historical Fiction

Part Four: Historical fiction recreates history and illustrates complex problems. Everyone loves a good movie. Movies that are anchored at a specific point in time often particularly captivate us. Victorian England, turn-of-the-century pioneer settlements, North Africa, the harsh Arctic or Australian outback…all of the places humankind has lived and conquered have been showcased in movies […]

Teaching with Historical Fiction

Part Three: Teaching With Historical Fiction

Part Three: Historical fiction provides a detailed and enriched understanding of a time period. Sometimes it’s difficult for students to convert a few quick descriptions from a social studies text book and translate it into something meaningful for them. Historical fiction provides a detailed and enriched understanding of a time period. Not everyone can open up […]

Teaching with Historical Fiction

Part Five: Teaching With Historical Fiction

Part Five:Historical fiction promotes diverse perspectives. History is complex and it’s not that the truth is elusive; it is that it is interpretive. Characters in a historical fiction book obviously have different points of view and will deal in unique ways with the challenges they face. In living their lives, they interpret history for the […]

Readings in Canadian History

Learning history through living books that bring history to life through the eyes of a character who is part of the experience, really helps kids to see what that time frame of history was like, instead of just reading about it in a text book. Although it’s perfectly possible to work through a list of […]