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Life learning, at its core, is all about breaking away from the traditional model of schooling and learning through life, interest, and childhood curiosity. Being such a extreme difference from the social norm can lead to challenges, questions, and concerns that really need to be encouraged and supported with resources and community.

One such resource is Life Learning Magazine. From their about page:

“Life Learning Magazine is a unique, grassroots, ground-breaking, digital magazine about living as if school doesn’t exist. Founded in print in 2002, it continues to provide support and reassurance to subscribers about interest-based, learner-directed education for all ages.

Life Learning MagazineThe editor of this magazine is Wendy Priesnitz, who has been advocating for the homeschooling community in Canada since the 1970s when she was teaching her own daughters at home. Since founding their magazine in 2002, now have subscribers from all over the world enjoying their publication every year.

Costing $29.95 a year for 6 digital, full-colour, internet linked magazines delivered via PDF file to your inbox, this magazine is filled with articles to teach you about a child-led methodology of learning, stories of families who have successfully unschooled and are currently living it every day, and resources of wisdom from various people in the field.

Life Learning Magazine AnnualsYou can read through a rather extensive selection of past articles for free on their website to see what kinds of information they cover.

Another option is to order their annuals – a full download of a previous year’s magazines at once. This is a great introduction to what is included and is half the price of a subscription for the current year.

Their website also offers connections to other resources related to life learning and natural living, including print books, other magazines such as “Child’s Play” and “Natural Life Living” and other suggested resources.


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