LEGOQuestII: Lighthouse

Lego Quest IIIt’s LEGO Quest time!

This month, your challenge is to design something to do with:


Some idea jump-starters:

  • Design a futuristic or space lighthouse
  • Make a model of a real lighthouse
  • Show a situation that a lighthouse would be useful for
  • What goes on inside a lighthouse

You can use actual LEGO bricks, or the Digital Designer on your computer to build your creation.


2 thoughts on “LEGOQuestII: Lighthouse”

  1. Hi there, i was just wondering how to sign up for this lego quest. And I see a few challenges up but they don’t say what month they are for, is it completely open that way or is each quest meant for a specific time frame? I would love to sign my son up for this, I think he’ll have so much fun.

    1. Hi April,

      Thanks so much for your interest. I hope to see your son’s entries. 🙂 Each challenge is posted on the first Tuesday of the month and designs are due by the 20th so I can get them together and post them on the last Tuesday of the month. If you want to get notification of the challenge – you can either sign up for my monthly newsletter or you can sign up to get my posts by email. Next Tuesday is September’s challenge. 🙂

      I hope that helps!
      Lisa Marie.

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