LEGOQuestII: Humpty Dumpty

LEGOQuestIIIt’s LEGO Quest time!

This month, your challenge is to design something to do with:


Ok, so you all know the story of Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall. This month, your challenge is to design a way to help Humpty NOT be destroyed if he falls off a wall.

Hardboil an egg and find a high place for him to fall from. You might even want to do a few eggs to be safe – just in case you need to fix your design. (If you are REALLY adventurous, don’t hardboil the egg. Go with a raw one. Just be prepared to have to sanitize your LEGO later!)

Use your LEGO and combine it with anything else you need from around your house.

Some idea jump-starters:

  • make something to go around Humpty or for him to wear
  • make something for him to land on
  • make something for him to fall with

Drop your egg. Does it survive? Let me know your results when you send me your picture.

If eggs are a no-go for you (say you are allergic to them or your parents say no!), change the egg out for a mini-figure. Save his life!

If you are using the computer designer program, come up with a design concept you think might work.

You can use actual LEGO bricks, or the Digital Designer on your computer to build your creation (take a screenshot using CTRL+K!) 


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