Lego Challenge Cards: 250+ Building Ideas You Can Try

Do your kids love LEGO? Then they will love these LEGO challenge cards! They are designed to provide some fun and creative LEGO challenges for kids.

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LEGO Challenge Cards – 250 LEGO Challenges for Kids

Building things from LEGO is a popular past-time for curious kids, but even the most creative kids sometimes need ideas to jumpstart their brick building sessions. Introducing these LEGO Challenge cards!

With just over 250 LEGO challenges for kids to choose from, your child can almost do 5 a week to be creative and inspired in their designs. Simply print out one of the card pages (or all of them!), cut them into squares and put them in a bowl or basket for your child to pull out as inspiration. You can either put it back to use again or discard each card after their challenge is completed.

The cards with the blue squares are all the main LEGO challenges for kids– applicable to anyone, with a wide variety of ideas. The cards with other colours of squares are specifically related to holidays, celebrations, events, or faith. I did this so anyone who doesn’t celebrate something can just keep those cards out. Just cut out the cards and add them to a small box. Let your child pick out a challenge and get to work! It might even be fun if you join in too!

Some examples of what challenges are included in this card set:

  • Make a constellation.
  • Use only yellow bricks.
  • Make a dinosaur fossil.
  • Make a model plant cell.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Design something while blindfolded.
  • Recreate a World War trench.
  • Make a model of your bedroom.
  • Go fishing.

If you have friends who live far away, or need to do some activities together over the computer, these make a great shared virtual experience too. Just pull a card, see the challenge, and everybody gets to building their own project to share.




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  1. I have a question. I would love to download these for a makerspace special week we are doing at our school. I signed up for the newsletter, and confirmed it through my email. Is it possible to download the 250 lego cards without signing up for the provided PDF to Doc program? Where do you log into this site?

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