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Whether you are a homeschooling Mom or one that likes to supplement the kids learning you will appreciate the Learning Advantage and Summer Advantage books.

While I am not a homeschooling Mom for real, I play one on vacations and PA Days. Whether you are a homeschooling Mom or one that likes to supplement the kids learning you will appreciate the Learning Advantage and Summer Advantage books.

These books came recommended at our kids school so I thought I would look into it. I ended up purchasing these books myself (and then later receiving as a receiving the next years books for review).

When I received my books, not only was I impressed with the quality of the books, but they came so fast. Also when I purchased the 3 books I noticed they had a testing book for my grade 3 student, but although I wanted the book we are focusing on spending our money on home improvements so I opted to not get the book. I was surprised and delighted that they threw it in for free for me. I was just a regular customer, not a special blogger deal. They wanted me to have that book. I received the books very quickly, again which surprised me. It was only 2-3 days.

I liked that they had over thirty highly-qualified and experienced teachers working in teams to create their products. Their teams have put in a lot of effort to create these books, and each one seems like a classroom workbook. I totally feel like I have gotten into the teachers’ supplies and got one of their personal books.

JK Collage

When my oldest was going to start JK I went around to all my friends asking if they had a list of things that my son should know before attending school. They told me a few things, but when he got there the teacher expected some we hadn’t thought of.

The JK books have a list of all things required by the government in the front. This is great resource to keep you on track knowing what is needed to meet government standards. The book also outlines the learning skills they will be working on or they hope they will know to help you through the book eg: using scissors & glue, as well as learning to sort.

With the Kindergarten books you have to do a lot of set up and work through with them. It’s not a book you can just hand them and leave them with. But that is sort of par for the course with this age range.

Grade 1 Collage

The Grade 1 books has some Parenting tips, and works on getting the kids printing neater on the little lines. My middle never learned that in Kindergarten so this is good practice for him to corral his printing on to the little lines, and conform more to proper printing techniques. It is also teaching him little tidbits and facts, which he totally loves. He really likes working his way through the books.

Since my middle son is a very advanced reader he just reads the parent parts and keeps going. The worksheets are a lot of letting them work through on their own, so they can work independently more than the younger grades.

Grade 3 Collage

Now for my grade 3 student….well…..working on school in the summer is pretty much torture! LOL The first page was read a story, and then write out the answers to the questions, well he hated every second of that. The book says to let them work on whatever they want, in whatever order they want. So once I told him he could work on the ones that he wanted, he has been quietly working on things. He does still glare at me when I tell him to do it, but then he happily works. I taught him how to solve some of the math problems, and made it easy for him, and he got very excited! This has helped him be ahead through out the school year. So these books really do help kids to get ahead or learn what they need to for the government guidelines.

So he is happily doing it now, and I love that it has a list of what curriculum expectations are! I am a list lady, so I will totally go through and check off stuff I know he knows, and we can focus on his weaker areas.

The books themselves are fairly fun, and easy for them to understand, and presses them to strengthen their skills! Plus anything that keeps them in the routine of learning and helps them get ahead is awesome in my books.

On their website you can download some free resources, and read all about their products.

The many benefits of “Learning Advantage”

Learning Advantage books can support children’s learning in many ways:
During the school year, to clarify and expand on concepts that are being taught in class;

For review in preparing for tests, or in summer or even the following year, to prepare for the next year’s math or science unit;

For students who need some remedial support for certain areas of learning;

In the summer, use the book for the following grade to get a head start on what will come in next year’s curriculum.

We believe that our books will help students grow in self-esteem and self-confidence, and achieve better grades in all areas of the curriculum.

They offer all levels of curriculum, and even offer French books for that component of your homeschool.

I highly recommend these books, and will be purchasing them in the future!

Today’s post is a review by Shari – a mom of 3 boys who loves to knit, watch NASCAR, and snuggle her kitties. She writes about all of these things and more on her blog, The Knit Wit By Shair.

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