Kid-Safe Earphones from CozyPhones

CozyPhones are a kid-safe earphones headband which is easy, soft, and fun to use – protecting your child’s ears without the bulk of large headsets or pushing earbuds into their little ears.

We go through a lot of headphones in our house. Whether it’s from constant use, rough handling, or being assisted by cord-hungry cats, we seem to need to buy a new set every couple of months for the kids to use while on the computers. Since we have 2 computers, I thought having a set of headphones for each would allow for minimal distractions, cutting down on the background noise in the house. It’s great for the older kids when they are playing games or watching videos, but I also have a toddler and a preschooler who like to sometimes sit at the computer to play some educational games or stream their favourite puppy hero show. The headsets I bought for my older boys are just too big and bulky for the little ones, so they end up pulling them out and listening through the main speakers. It adds a lot of noise pollution to our already loud house.

CozyPhones asked if I’d like to try some of their new headband style earphones for littles and I decided it was a perfect opportunity to see if this could be our solution. Kid-friendly, easy to use earphones – let’s give it a shot.

CozyPhones: Kid-Safe Earphones

This product is basically like a winter headband – the ones you use to keep your ears warm in winter without wearing a full toque. Inside the band is a pair of flat speakers with a cord coming out the back that you use to plug into your device or computer. They come in a selection of different designs, like a monster, unicorn, cat, and dog.

I ordered one little cat and one monster face. I will admit – they are darned cute. My littles look adorable in them. I sat them both down and let them try on their new kid-safe earphones.

The first thing I noticed was that the cords are covered and look really durable. Since cats chewing through wires is a common occurrence, and the little guys have a bad habit of just yanking cords out of their spots by pulling from wherever they grab said cord – they take a lot of beating. These look and feel like they can handle it much better than the thin ones from the usual cheap headphones we buy. The information on the website says that the cord is braided, offering better durability.

It took a little bit of work to wiggle the earpieces to the right location so they could hear, but we got it. (The instructions were brilliant – marking off their ears with a small piece of tape and then moving the earpiece inside the headband.) Now came the test – putting on the video and asking for their reaction.

(see the reinforced wires?)

The two-year-old wasn’t sure about them – she kept pulling it down over her eyes and taking them off. But she did tell me that she could hear the show. She loved the little cat face though – checking it constantly…

The four-year-old told me that he found it very soft to wear. They were comfy and cute. But he tends to sweat a lot and ended up taking them off because they were too warm for his head, making his forehead all sweaty.

Cozyphones come in different designs

I asked my 10 and 11-year-old to try them on and give me some better feedback. They both liked how easy they were to use, and that they were better able to stay in place than the big bulky headsets. They were a little frustrated by the sound being muffled so they turned the main volume up to listen better. They thought these earphones were fun and hilarious.

After their feedback, I decided to try it myself. Thankfully the headband is flexible, allowing for lots of different head sizes and shapes. It fit fine for me. I, personally, found the sound to be very clear. Surprisingly so, actually. They were just the same as the earphones I usually wear, if not better. I love that I didn’t have to shove little buds into my ears – because I suffer from earwax that constantly plugs my ear and putting those little things in my ears makes it worse. It’s great for kids who suffer ear infections too – because it’s outside of their ears.

I decided to not press the issue of wearing the new headbands and left them in the desk drawer to see what would happen. Interestingly, over the next few days, the 4-year-old decided to use them every time on his own. He could handle putting them on and off by himself and had figured out how to set them up to make sure that the speakers were lined up with his ears. He loves his little monster. The two-year-old loves her cat still and, although she still needs help to put them on, is happy to have them whenever she uses the computer. I think that I will start having her use them whenever she gets a few minute of tablet time, because although these little kid’s apps are all educational that she can play – they are insanely repetitive and annoying as an adult. They now love their special earphones and wear them every time they are on their computer time.

There is only one major thing to make sure your child understands while wearing these. They can’t just up and walk away from the computer while wearing them because they are attached. It kind of has the effect of the dog on a chain. That was a lesson my little one learned the hard way…. I hope that they can figure out a way to make these Bluetooth connected in the future as I think that would be a brilliant upgrade, especially since cords tend to be the weak point.

You know what’s cool? They have these for grownups too. They are great for people who want to listen to music while falling asleep or who want to listen to audiobooks in bed. Plus, you can get active versions – so you can wear them while running or keeping busy. They are a great solution for travellers too because they are completely foldable and take up a small amount of room.

All-in-all, I am impressed with the new CozyPhones. They are a great set of kid-safe earphones for our children and I will recommend them to my friends who are looking for a solution.

Disclosure: I was sent 2 CozyPhones to try out with my kids. However, all opinions are honest and my own based on our experience while testing them. 

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