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This month’s sponsor is a Canadian game company called Editions Gladius International. Based out of Quebec, this company specializes in creating and selling games that are made here in Canada.

One such game is Hunt And Seek Canada.

Hunt and Seek Canada

This game is built on many of the things that are quintessentially Canadian – you know, igloos, beavers, moose, the CN Tower, etc – and makes a searching game out of them! There are 4 double sided picture boards, featuring different areas of Canada, that are completely packed with amazing images but also have hidden within them all sorts of small images that you need to find.

You can either play by sharing a single searching board, or each have your own (as each board has the same things hidden within it!) Then, you shuffle the finding tiles, flip one over and go hunting! The person who finds the picture first gets to keep the tile and off you go again. At the end of the game, the person who has the most tiles wins!

I tried out this game with my boys – who report that this game is extremely fun. Being huge fans of searching books like ISpy and Where’s Waldo? this game is right in their interest range. I had a great time too.


What I really love about it is that it’s bilingual. Each of the tiles to look for feature not only the image, but also the name of it in both English and French! This allows for easy (dare I say … stealth!) learning of French. I could say the name in both languages and it just goes in when they don’t even realize it.

This is a great family game.

The company also has many other fun games: like Cut The Rope, Dinosaur Train, Memory, and many more! Plus, for all my French language readers – there’s even many French only games – such as Le Guerre des Clans, Pyramid, and On Connait la Chanson.

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  1. I’d love the Amos Dragon Game even if it is only for 4 players (we have at least 5 players in the house!). Thanks for bringing a Canadian brand to our attention.

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