Self Care Ideas for the Homeschooling Parent

People tell me over and over that self care is important for parents, especially for homeschooling parents. Since we are around kids essentially all day, every day – it can really be draining to us emotionally, physically, and mentally to be keeping up with all their needs all the time. Taking time to ourselves to […]

Working and Homeschooling – Yes, It’s Possible.

Working and Homeschooling. This can be a challenging scenario for a homeschooling family when the parents have to work. Is it possible to successfully homeschool this way? Absolutely! But again, this requires evaluation of priorities and intentional time planning. Whether you work out of the home or at home, juggling the needs of a job […]

Homeschooling and Extra Activities: Figuring Out What to Participate In

There is a common joke in the homeschooling world. “Why do they call it homeschooling when we are never at home!?” Although the general public tends to see home education as bubbling our kids away from the world, the reality is that there are plenty of opportunities for our kids to learn out and about. […]

Balancing Homeschool and Housekeeping

My favourite quote about housekeeping is “Cleaning your house while you have kids is like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreos.”  Since we homeschool, we are home more and make more messes to clean up. It often feels like a lost cause. Housekeeping (laundry, cleaning, meal planning, etc) is so far down on […]

Finding Family Time When You Homeschool

One of the strangest things about homeschooling is that in between the lessons, learning, housework, and the running around of everyday life, it can be far too easy to forget to set aside time for quality family time. Building the strong bonds of relationships between family members is important. Take your Teacher Hat Off. Before […]

Balancing Homeschooling: Avoiding the Overwhelm

Teaching our kids is a full-time job. No matter what methodology you follow in your homeschool – it takes time, effort, focus, and work. There are a million things needed to make the experience work. Considering how important a priority this learning process is to homeschoolers, it easily can become a big stress and permeate deep […]

Homeschooling & Life Balance: The Art of Priority

Prioritizing things in our life makes us conscious of what we should be focusing on instead of letting ourselves just wing it and hope for the best. As homeschoolers with many pulls in several directions, it’s essential to figure out what is important to us and what isn’t. There is this meme that appears on […]

Homeschooling and Balance

Homeschooling and Balance: 10 Days Exploring the Myth

Homeschooling and Balance. Is it even possible to find the perfect equilibrium to life as a homeschooling parent? Balance. The word itself conjures up images of wait staff holding trays of heavy, precariously perched glasses and dishes, swiftly weaving between the tables as they deliver their orders. Or maybe that of a gymnast nimbly jumping […]

Homeschooling with JOY: A Video Workshop for Homeschoolers

When my first daughter was nearing school age, I wondered where to turn.  I wanted to teach her myself, but I didn’t know if people did that.  It was 1991. Demanding mother that I was (am), I set out to interview all the schools that caught my attention in our area that might meet my […]