Homeschooling on Bed Rest Part 2 of 4


This is Part Two in our Series: Homeschooling on Bed Rest

Set up a Learning Station:

Separate Teaching Subjects – Arrange a teaching spot while on bed rest, something like a set of plastic drawers, to go right next to where you lay. Each drawer should be dedicated to only one subject with everything necessary to complete the work. Also have a container with all of the appropriate implements to write, measure, cut and colour. This will prevent the frustration of wasted time and your student disappearing while going to hunt for them. Concentrate on one subject and get as much done in a set amount of time as possible to save time and concentrate your effort. The next day, focus on another subject. This is particularly effective with subjects that have workbooks.

Have a Reporting Notebook – it is likely verbal learning will be a highly effective method of teaching at this time, especially for those subjects that the work is not laid out in a work book, so be prepared to document it for the purpose of sharing with your support/portfolio teacher. This reporting can easily be typed or scanned and submitted by email if necessary.

Save ‘Fun’ Subjects – Subjects such as Art, or ones that require hands on creativity, can be done when you become more mobile, once the core learning is accomplished so that you know how much time you have time to dedicate to it, or to be done by someone else. If you are able to ask a fellow homeschooler to provide you help during this time of bed rest, it is a lot easier for them to step in to help with a fun project than to pick up teaching a subject where you have left off.

Set Up a Central Care Area:

Care Station – Prepare a station, perhaps a table or basket, stocked each day with a full jug of water, cup (lidded to prevent spills), vitamins, snacks, a toothbrush, your phone book and sundry items to occupy yourself such as crafts and reading materials. Be sure to have a phone, television remote control and a portable computer available.

Central Area – It is useful to situate yourself on a couch or bed where everyone else will be. Not only is it less lonely for you, but you will still need to be in control of your home and family activities. This is especially true of small children who need supervision in order for you to safely monitor what they are doing, to keep their messes restricted to a controllable area and to oversee their schoolwork. Also of benefit would be a cooler or mini-fridge stocked with drinks, cut up fruits and vegetables, plastic wrapped half-sandwiches and baked goods.

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