Canadian Teachers Pay Teachers Stores

5 Days of Canadian Teachers Pay Teachers Stores

Teachers are an amazingly resourceful and talented bunch of people. They come up with the most interesting and useful ways to teach children. It would be great to have access to their creativity in our homeschool classroom. Introducing Teachers Pay Teachers – a virtual marketplace that offers a space for teachers to post and share […]

Easy Daysies

Have you heard of Easy Daysies before? Created by a Canadian Mom and Teacher, Elaine Tan Comeau, Easy Daysies are a magnetic based system to help kids with routines and daily tasks – both at home, and in their schooling. For Home The home routine kit comes in a package with everything you need: magnets, a […]

homeschooling essentials

Homeschool Essentials: Never stop learning

So, this week we’ve covered many of the things I’d consider essentials in homeschooling – especially to a new homeschooling family. Know your reasons why Understand the rules Find support Have a plan I’m calling today’s post “Never Stop Learning” because, honestly, that’s the base of it all. Learning. And I’m not talking about the […]

homeschooling essentials

Homeschool Essentials: Have a Plan

Welcome back to this 5 day series on Homeschool Essentials. So far, we’ve covered : knowing your reasons why understanding the rules & finding support Today, we’re going to talk about the importance of having a plan. Although different provincial regulations and teaching methods require different amounts of detail for plans, actually having some sort […]

homeschooling essentials

Homeschool Essentials: Find Support

Today is day 3 of this 5 part series all about Homeschool Essentials. So far, we’ve talked about knowing your reasons WHY and making sure you understand the rules. Another very important key to homeschooling success is to build yourself a support system. But why, and how, should you find support? A homeschool support group traditionally […]

homeschooling essentials

Homeschool Essentials: Understand The Rules

This week, I’m sharing what I consider to be 5 Essentials of Homeschooling. Yesterday’s key was to know your reasons why. Today we’re going to talk about making sure you understand the rules. Homeschooling anywhere in Canada is completely legal, however each province and territory has their own set of regulations and expectations surrounding homeschool. […]

homeschooling essentials

Homeschool Essentials: Know the Reason Why

What do you consider to be essential to your homeschooling journey? On a regular basis, I get emails and messages asking me for advice on what steps are needed to get started and what a homeschooler needs. So, for the next 5 days, I’m going to look at some things I feel are key to […]

Homeschool Canada Store

Being a homeschooling Mom of 4 young children I was amazed at how much curriculum, books and hands on items I would go through throughout the years. I was more amazed at how much it would cost and how good of condition they would be in when we were done with them. Hundreds of dollars […]

Staples Canada

5 Office Supplies For Homeschoolers

What is it about homeschoolers and our addiction to office supplies? I’m just as guilty – I might have a slight obsession. That’s why having the opportunity to go shopping with Staples Canada really excited me. They have everything! Time to feed the addiction. Here’s five office supplies we use all the time in our homeschool. […]

Homeschool Swap Canada on Facebook

Last year we started a Homeschool Swap Group for Canadians on Facebook. We wanted a place where Canadians could go to buy and sell their used curriculum. It is also a place that you can go and ask for advice about what curriculum people may recommend for you. I have found it to be so […]

What Unschooling Means To Me

This  year I have mentioned how I have decided to embrace Unschooling. According to wikipedia Unschooling is: “Unschooling is a range of educational philosophies and practices surrounding the primarily belief that education is a greater undertaking than schooling. Unschooling places little emphases on traditional school curriculum and encourages children to learn through their natural life experiences including play, game play, household responsibilities, personal interests and curiosity, work […]

Homeschool Learning Plan

Making a homeschool learning plan has always been a scary thought to me, especially with 4 children.  I have talked before how this year I am changing the way we home educate and doing it more child led learning.  Here in BC we have enrolled with a program called Self Design  ( ) and with that […]

10 FAQs about Homeschooling in Canada

10 FAQ’s About Homeschooling in Canada

I get regular emails from new to homeschooling parents who are desperately seeking help as they start their homeschool journey. We’ve narrowed down the top 10 most asked questions and put them together (with the answers we usually provide) in one place – hopefully to help! 1. Am I allowed to homeschool in Canada?  Absolutely! […]

Extra Curricular Activities – Outside the Box

When thinking of extracurricular activities for your children to participate, sometimes looking in a place you wouldn’t have thought of can offer you a great learning opportunity. For example, check out these great programs from various stores. Home Depot. Woodworking/Crafts. Free. Once a month, on the second Saturday of the month, go to your local […]

Canadian Homeschool Laws: PEI

“Cradled on the waves” of the Northumberland Strait, Prince Edward Island is the smallest and most beautiful province in our country (I’m a little biased). Not only is it a great place to live, it is also a great place to homeschool. Why is that? Homeschoolers enjoy a huge amount of freedom when they choose […]

Canadian Homeschool Laws: Nova Scotia

I have lived and homeschooled in Nova Scotia for the last 6 years, although we lived and homeschooled here for 1 school season 2 years before moving here on what we thought was a permanent basis. That makes 7 school years that I have homeschooled in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia has a small but growing […]

Canadian Homeschool Laws: Quebec

Canadian Homeschool Laws: Quebec

As of July 2018, laws and regulations surrounding homeschooling in Quebec HAVE CHANGED. I’m still working on finding someone to help update this post with current and up-to-date information, so in the meantime – please reference AQED’s 2018 Suggestions Guide for Parents. You can download it from the link at the bottom of THIS PAGE. […]

Canadian Homeschool Laws: Ontario

I was asked by The Canadian Homeschooler to write a blog post about starting homeschooling in my province. Here in Ontario we’re pretty lucky to live in a no reporting area. We need to provide a letter of intent to homeschool to our local school board and that’s about it! If you are pulling your child from […]

Canadian Homeschool Laws: Manitoba

Homeschooling regulations in Manitoba are very simple: let the government know you are going to homeschool and update them twice on how it’s going. To be more specific, the current legislation requires that a parent or guardian notify the minister of education of the establishment of a home school for any children ages 7 to […]

canadian homeschool laws: Saskatchewan

Canadian Homeschool Laws: Saskatchewan

While homeschooling regulations in Saskatchewan are set by the province, registration, documentation, and files are maintained by each school district. Each district appoints a homeschool administrator, who serves as the contact individual for homeschooling parents, and who will collect information coming from parents regarding homeschool registration, plans, outcomes, etc… Each year a registration form must […]