Weaver Curriculum – Canadian Supplement

Weaver is a Christian, unit-study based, multi-age homeschool curriculum offered by Alpha-Omega. Offering materials for Pre-K through Grade 12, each of the 6 volume covers a wide variety of topics. If you were thinking of using this program, but didn’t know how you could adapt or include a Canadian focus (as this is a boxed […]

Not Back-to-School Advice and Wisdom

Not Back to School: How to Kick off the New Year

As we head into the Back-to-School season, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team are sharing their advice and experiences for homeschoolers. Lisa Marie – 5 Ways Homeschoolers Can Enjoy Back to School September is traditionally known as the season of “back to school.” As homeschoolers, some of us follow this school year pattern while some of us […]

Plum Cheeky Solutions - a planner for your home and life.

Plum Cheeky Solutions Planner Review

This post uses affiliate links. I am looking for a better way to be efficient. A better way to keep things from falling behind or falling apart. I was offered the chance to check out the Plum Cheeky Solutions Home Life Planner and Student Planner, so I took it. Every year I try to be […]

More Time Moms Calendars

Homeschoolers can be busy people – classes and programs, field trips and clubs, appointments and lessons. Trying to keep it all straight and make sure everyone gets where they need to be when they need to be can be a challenge. When I stumbled onto More Time Moms I was thrilled. This Canadian mom business is all […]

Complete Canadian Curriculum Books - Revised & Updated

Using the Complete Canadian Curriculum Books in Your Homeschool

With over 2 million books sold, the Complete Canadian Curriculum books from Popular Books is a favourite amongst the homeschooling community. Affordable, colourful, fun, easy to find, covering multiple subjects, and good all the way to Grade 8 – it’s easy to see why. These books have recently had a revision and update to make them […]

Homeschooling in Canada is on the rise

Homeschooling in Canada is on the Rise

This past week, news spread quickly about a newly released study from the Fraser Institute about the rise of homeschooling since the last study in 2006. Some of the results seemed to really surprise the general population – especially the fact that over the last 8 years, homeschooling in Canada has risen over 29%. Home-school […]

Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

This month the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team has put together posts on the hows, whys and whats behind the adventure of choosing their curricula each year. Rebecca – 5 Questions to ask Before Choosing Curriculum How to choose curriculum can be one of the most stressful aspects of homeschooling! If you have ever been to a […]

I Teach Boys: 9 Tips for Schooling Boys

As a mom of 4 boys, I can’t tell you the number of times I hear wonderful comments like “You are busy” and “You’ve got your hands full!” Well-meaning, I’m sure, but somewhat irritating. I like to add to the conversation with a cheery “AND I homeschool!” – complete with grin. There’s something that satisfies me […]

How We Have Fun in Our Homeschool

How We Have Fun in Our Homeschool

When homeschooling, it can get challenging to get past the “to-do” lesson plan and find a way to have fun in our days. This month, the blogging team is excited to share how they incorporate fun into their homeschooling adventures. Alison – A FUNdamental Education! Our relaxed, year round schedule of home education lends itself well […]

Homeschooling on Bed Rest Part 4 of 4

This is the 4th and final part to our series Homeschooling On Bed Rest. Possible Areas of Help: – Drive children to or home from essential, regular activities (this can be two separate individuals and preferably should be ones who will be there, or nearby there at that time anyways) – Drive you to appointments […]

Homeschooling on Bed Rest Part 3 of 4

This is Part 3 of our Homeschooling On Bed Rest Series. Establish a Means of Communication with the Outside World: Adult human connection is a physical and emotional necessity. Some people can do this with a calendar, notebook and a telephone, but a portable computer is really helpful, not just for keeping in touch with your […]

Homeschooling on Bed Rest Part 2 of 4

This is Part Two in our Series: Homeschooling on Bed Rest Set up a Learning Station: Separate Teaching Subjects – Arrange a teaching spot while on bed rest, something like a set of plastic drawers, to go right next to where you lay. Each drawer should be dedicated to only one subject with everything necessary […]

Homeschooling on Bed Rest Part 1 of 4

Over the next 4 weeks we have a series about Homeschooling while on Bed Rest. Hope you enjoy the wonderful tips that Miriam has brought to those of us who find ourselves needing to be on bed rest while still homeschooling. Thanks Miriam! There are many reasons why one may find themselves on bed rest […]



Educents is a website designed to offer discounts and sales on educational resources and materials. They provide sales of up to 90% off on products such as: Magic School Bus Science Kits Printable lessons and activities Online classes and programs other curriculum tools I’ve enjoyed being able to take advantage of free and discounted offers […]

A Path of Their Own: Helping Children to Educate Themselves

A Path of Their Own {Book Review}

As a homeschooling parent, I’ve always been curiously drawn to the idea of unschooling, but have mostly stuck to conventional methods of teaching. I think I am scared that I will fail my kids if I drop the basics of “school,” so I was glad to get the opportunity to read Canadian unschooling mom, Lael […]

Life Learning Magazine

Life Learning Magazine

Life learning, at its core, is all about breaking away from the traditional model of schooling and learning through life, interest, and childhood curiosity. Being such a extreme difference from the social norm can lead to challenges, questions, and concerns that really need to be encouraged and supported with resources and community. One such resource is […]

Canadian Homeschooling Bloggers

Looking for some new blogs to read? Here are some great blogs of Canadian homeschooling families.

Homeschooling Through the Winter

Winter in most parts of Canada tends to be at the very least cold, if not snowy and freezing. It can be easy to lose momentum over these winter months, especially when homeschooling. This month, each member of our Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team is sharing their ideas and experiences of how to homeschool through the […]

Ontario Curriculum Checklists

Ontario Elementary Level Curriculum Checklists

Although not every homeschooler chooses to use the government outline for a curriculum, many like to know their child is following along in a similar learning pattern to their publicly schooled peers. Or maybe they are curious at what their child should know at the grade level they are at. Either way, I’ve been chipping […]

How To Homeschool in Canada

How to Homeschool in Canada ebook

Are you wondering how to homeschool in Canada?  These days, the homeschooling movement is on the rise, with more and more people accepting it as a viable option for educating their children. On a regular basis, I get emails and messages asking me for advice on what steps are needed to get started homeschooling in […]