Organize Your Homeschool in 20 days

Organize Your Homeschool in 20(ish) Days Challenge

Homeschooling paraphernalia is taking over my house! There’s papers, and markers, and paint, and workbooks cluttering nearly every corner and surface. After talking with some other homeschooling parents, I’ve learned that I’m not alone. It seems to be a potential epidemic! So, I’ve teamed up with Professional Organizer Margarita from to put together a […]

Answering Homeschool Questions: In the voice of homeschool students

I love homeschooling and I love talking about it. Over the 9+ years I have been homeschooling, I have been asked many questions. I do notice that sometimes people want to know what the children think of homeschooling, and yet, they won’t ask the children themselves. So I sat down with my two children and […]

Homeschooling Reflections - CayR

Homeschooling: One Small Step for Me, One Giant Leap for Mom.

The year 2002. That was the year that changed our lives forever. Believe it or not, as a six year old little girl with a wild imagination and no capacity to sit still, I didn’t do very well in Grade 1. I came home with a big red C- written on my papers, loads of […]

I'm more than a homeschool survivor: a homeschool graduate story

I’m More Than a Homeschool Survivor

In September 1990, my twin brother and I started Grade 1 at home. After our Kindergarten year at a local school, my parents decided to homeschool us and that’s how we did school for the next twelve years. I don’t know all the reasons behind their decision, although the long bus-ride from our acreage into […]


Canadian Homeschooling Support Groups on Facebook

If you are looking to connect with homeschoolers in your local area or province (or even country wide), Facebook is a great place to do so. Here is a list of some of the groups I’ve found that you can join. Remember – these groups are often small and personal – so you will likely […]

Sharing Areas of Expertise in these Conference Chats

Conference Chat Sessions

Usually in the spring, there are several conferences that homeschoolers can attend. These conferences typically include an exhibitor hall where you can go see, check out, touch, and buy curricula and other materials. But one of the main attractions are the sessions – where speakers are invited to come share on a topic of their […]

Adapting an American Curriculum for Canadian Homeschool

Many Canadians choose to use American based curriculum materials in their homeschools for a wide variety of reasons. However, there can sometimes be challenges surrounding the use of American focused materials – as the content isn’t always relevant to our life experiences or are missing things that we want to be sure to include, such […]

Am I Failing My Kids' Education?

Am I Failing My Kids’ Education?

This is a question I ask myself regularly. After all, the only way I have to validate my efforts at homeschooling is by comparing myself with standards set by the government for their age groups. It’s easy to feel like a failure when you think of all the things that we “should” have been doing […]

Homeschooler's Guide to the 21st Century Public Library

Homeschooler’s Guide to the 21st Century Public Library

Welcome to my world of Public Libraries! As a former Home Educator and huge supporter of Homeschooling, I cannot help myself as I see each work day through the lens of a homeschool parent. It truly is a treat to buy books as part of my job and plan events for all ages of learners! Actually having funds […]

What is the best thing about homeschooling? What is the hardest thing about homeschooling?

The Best and the Hardest Things About Homeschooling

I asked over 100 homeschoolers “What is the best thing about homeschooling? What is the hardest thing about homeschooling?” So many of the answers were things that we can all agree with. Here they are. The Best Thing About Homeschooling Freedom Flexibility Being with my kids all day Seeing my child explore their interests so […]

Your Homeschooling Questions Answered – Part 2

Continuing to answer the questions I received from an informal poll to find out what you would want to ask a homeschooler. Yesterday we covered understanding why, the rules, qualifications, the nitty-gritty, and socialization. 6. Homeschooling Styles Traditional school has public, private, Catholic etc. Are there different kinds of homeschooling? What is unschooling? Yes, there are a […]

Your Homeschooling Questions Answered

Since I tend to live in a homeschooling bubble, I don’t really think too much about what people outside the bubble might be wondering about our community. So, in an effort to find out, I recently asked a group of non-homeschooling friends, “What question would YOU want to ask a homeschooler?” Here are some of their […]

homeschoolers in the community

Homeschoolers In The Community

How do you, as a homeschooling family, take advantage of the community around you? This onth, the team shares their ideas on how they use the resources in their communities.   Alison – Strength in Numbers: Getting Involved in Your Homeschool Community One of your greatest assets and support for homeschooling your children can be found […]

Homeschooling with a toddler

Trying to Homeschool with a Toddler

If you have an active, curious toddler like I do, school times can be a bit of a challenge. The first to eagerly arrive at the call for school to start, the first to get bored and use the back of the couch as a top rope of a boxing ring to launch off of […]

Homeschool Organization Tips - from the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team

Get Your Homeschool Organized Tips

This month has been all about organization and getting things settled in our homeschool homes. With that in mind, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team are sharing their great tips and experiences to help everyone get organized!   Alexandra – How I Stay Organized in Our Homeschool Over the last 10 years of homeschooling, I have tried many […]

Organizing Your Workspace for Homeschoolers

If there is one Golden Rule that professional organizers adhere to it is this: A place for everything and everything in its place. We love this iconic saying because when you are organizing a space, you need to know that each and every item has a place to ‘live’.  If you follow Marie Kondo’s philosophy in […]

Getting Hands-On With Learning

Some things are just learned better when you get in there and try it for yourself. This month, a few of the blogging team have put posts together to share their ideas on how to get hands-on with learning. Alison – Hands on Learning With Science Do you struggle with getting around to doing science experiments […]

This Week in Review & Field Trip Reports

Whether or not you use a lesson planner in your homeschool, you might enjoy these week in review and field trip reports. With one set for a teacher/parent, and a second for the student, included are both a week review form and a field trip report. This Week in Review form offers a good opportunity to […]

Book Resale Form {Printable}

Almost every homeschooler I know has a fantastic collection of books, curriculum, and resources. If our busy Homeschool Swap group on Facebook is any indication, putting those materials up for sale when you are finished is a great way to recoup some money & space. Today’s simple printable is a form to help you keep […]

31 Days of Printables

I’m excited to be joining into a new challenge this month. It’s called #write31days. There’s lots of amazing blogs participating, on just about every possible topic. If you are looking for some reading – check out the lists for something new. For me, if everything goes as planned, each day this month I’ll be sharing a printable! […]