School Spaces

Want to take a glimpse into the school rooms of other homeschoolers? Here’s your chance to take a tour. This month, The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team share insight into the spaces they do their schooling. Bonnie – Our Homeschool Room Our homeschool room is our dining room. When it’s time for school, we just pull out […]

10 Tips to Organize Your Homeschool Home

Ten Tips To Get Homeschool Organized

I am a great organizer. At least, I am in my head. My tornado-esque house and school zones would definitely lead you to believe otherwise! I wanted to share 10 ideas that I have found really helped me when I’m on my game and things are running smoothly and easily around our place.   1. […]

Lesson Planning Tools

It’s lesson planning season. So today I thought I’d share all the tools that I find helpful when I’m trying to pull the plans together.   #1. Pinterest. This site is a homeschooler’s planning dream. Basically, it’s a visual search engine and you are much more likely to find great ideas here for just about […]

Homeschool Planner Stickers

Many family calendars and planners come with a set of stickers to highlight important events like birthdays, anniversaries, doctor appointments, etc. Most of these stickers include the traditional school things to remember, such as picture day and hot lunches. But homeschoolers need a different set of reminder stickers. So I’ve created a page full of […]

5 Ways Homeschoolers Can Enjoy Back to School

September is traditionally known as the season of “back to school.” As homeschoolers, some of us follow this school year pattern while some of us just school all year round – but no matter what approach we take, this time of year does have some perks that we can enjoy as homeschoolers. 1. Back to […]

Student Daily Work Checklist

Student Daily Work Checklist

If you’ve been trying to figure out a simple way to keep your school days more productive, this is the solution. I have been using this exact form with my own sons for a few years now and it has seriously helped us get more done with less fighting. It keeps me accountable while keeping my kids […]

Simple Lesson Planner

Lesson Planner {Printable}

Planning out your school year really helps make a difference in your homeschool. It means that you have a clear vision of what you want to work on and breaks down all the smaller steps to get there. This planner is based on the one that I have used for the last few years with […]

A School Days Treasury {Printable}

Our children’s school years go quickly – racing ahead at the speed of life, and even if we don’t have our kids in the school system, documenting this is important. So today, I’m excited to share with you A School Days Treasury, which is a free printable collection of papers designed to help record these […]

10 Words For New Homeschoolers

Now that I’ve been homeschooling for several years, with several different kids – I wanted to offer my top 10 words for new homeschoolers. Whether you are just making the decision, or  you have been doing this for the first year, these words are for you. Relax. When you first start homeschooling, everything is overwhelming. […]