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3 Ways to Choose A Homeschool Method That Fits Your Family

So now that you know all about the more popular methods of homeschooling that are used in the community, you may be wondering how exactly you are supposed to figure out which style will work for your family. Here are 3 ways to choose a homeschool method that fits your family. 3 Ways to Choose …

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Homeschool Methods: Eclectic

Eclectic homeschooling is like a patchwork quilt – a little bit of this, a little bit of that – a mishmash of any other style of homeschooling that works for your family, typically using a variety of curriculum options to best fill in a homeschool day according to the things that you choose. Often families …

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Homeschool Methods: Relaxed / Minimalist Homeschooling

Relaxed or minimalist homeschooling is an approach where, like the same movement in life to remove the extras and keep the things that matter, learning is cut down to the important things only with lots of space and free time for additional learning. It’s kind of a cross-breed of unschooling with formal learning – although …

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Homeschool Methods: Waldorf

The Waldorf method of homeschooling was created by an Austrian man named Rudolf Steiner in 1919, when he opened his first school. He believed that education should be inclusive of the whole child: head, heart, and hands, while focusing heavily on the arts, folklore and mythology, and the natural world. Steiner himself believed in a faith …

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Homeschool Methods: Montessori

The Montessori Method of homeschooling aims to follow the standards created by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s. She believed in creating an environment that encouraged self-directed learning opportunities through hands-on, play-based activities. It focuses on experiences, not being taught. Dr. Montessori set up a series of standards and expectations for students in her …

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Homeschool Methods: Unit Studies

Unit studies are an all-encompassing, focused approach that uses resources from all areas of a curriculum whenever possible, and provides an in-depth learning experience. Often these studies start with a core resource book, then dig into extras, involve hands-on activities where possible, and expand through many subjects such as math, language, history, geography, etc. A unit study …

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Homeschool Methods: Unschooling

Unschooling is a child-led homeschooling method that allows children to learn through life and curiosity. It’s about finding answers and experiences to the questions they have at the moment, and discovering all they can learn about just from their everyday passions. It’s about providing an atmosphere of exploration and inspiration. Based on the ideals of a …

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Homeschool Methods: Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason was a British educator who lived around 1900. Her methodology of teaching focused on teaching the whole child – not just with academic facts, but also with habits and character development, living books, experiences in nature, communication, artists and composers, handwriting practice with a purpose, and more. This method is a parent-led approach …

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Homeschool Methods: Classical Education

The Classical education method of homeschooling is based on the historical concept known as the trivium, which focuses on logic and reasoning as the centre of learning. This is broken up into three stages: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric, focusing on different skills as children grow and develop. The Grammar stage is for the early years, up …

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Homeschool Methods: Traditional School-At-Home

A traditional or school-at-home approach is essentially trying to replicate the learning experience of a public school classroom at home: specific workspaces such as desks, textbooks and workbooks, assignments, and grades, often filling the day with structured study times and trying to match up to the same curriculum outlines set out by the government. There …

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Homeschool Methods: An Introduction

Both when you first start homeschooling and all the way through your adventure, you will likely think about the concept of homeschool methods a few times. Homeschooling offers the opportunity to approach learning and teaching differently than the traditional school system. There are lots of educational methodologies that we can choose from – even that …

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What if Homeschooling Isn’t Working?

From the outside looking in, homeschool has this sort of rosy, dreamy glow. If you were to believe the blogs, the news articles, Pinterest, the community in general, you might think that every day perfection is the norm. But what if, for you and your kids, things seem to be an every day struggle, you …

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