Homeschool Spotlight: Alexandra

This week’s homeschool spotlight is on Alexandra, who lives in PEI. Her family approaches homeschool in a very eclectic manner. 


1) Where in Canada do you live?

We live in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. We moved here two years ago from Ontario and have quickly fallen in love with the island!

2) How many kids (and what ages?) do you have?

Three children, 17 year old girl, 15 yr old boy, and 10 yr old girl.

3) How long have you homeschooled for? 

We have been homeschooling for 9 years. The teens have now moved on to public senior high school, but the youngest is continuing with homeschooling. 

4) Do you have a homeschool “style”?

Our style has been eclectic for many years. We started with classical education, following the Well Trained Mind. We then tweaked our style and added some Charlotte Mason (especially nature study and art & music appreciation), unit studies, and project-based homeschooling influences. 

5) What is your favourite (or most used) Canadian resource in your homeschool?

Modern History Through Canadian Eyes: A Canadian History Guide For All Ages  has been one of our favourite Canadian resources. We also enjoyed a simple Canadian geography study that I put together :

6) What is your favourite resource (can be anything) for homeschool?

Over the years, the public library has been one of our very favourite resource! Project-Based Homeschooling by Lori Pickert has had a wonderful positive influence on our homeschool over the last two years, especially with my youngest. We also have enjoyed Brave Writer , the Arrow program in particular, and following some of the lifestyle suggestions like Poetry Tea Time and Word Games. 

7) What advice would you give a new homeschooler? 

My advice would be to keep it simple, spend time building relationships with your children, have fun learning and exploring life and the world together!
Thank you, Alexandra! Be sure to visit Alexandra’s blog: Life on a Canadian Island – where she has merged her old blog “Canadian Home Learning” when they moved to PEI.  It’s a personal blog where she enjoys writing and sharing photographs about her family adventures on PEI, homeschooling, nature, and making (journalling, food, sewing, quilting…).

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