Homeschool Essentials: Understand The Rules

This week, I’m sharing what I consider to be 5 Essentials of Homeschooling. Yesterday’s key was to know your reasons why. Today we’re going to talk about making sure you understand the rules.

Homeschooling anywhere in Canada is completely legal, however each province and territory has their own set of regulations and expectations surrounding homeschool. It is important that you familiarize yourself with what your province/territory requires.

Consequences for not following the rules can range from simply a reminder of how it should be all the way to extreme measures like forcibly having your children placed into the school system. The last thing you want is to have a conflict with government officials that could cause big troubles for your family and your intent to educate at home.

If you are every concerned about the rules or laws in your province/territories, I highly recommend talking to the people at the HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association). Specializing in home school related rights and laws, they are there to help.

Below are some links and information on each province/territory and the requirements needed:

homeschooling essentials

British Columbia






New Brunswick

Nova Scotia


Newfoundland & Labrador


Unfortunately, there is little to no information about homeschooling and Nunavut. I’ve heard that homeschoolers in NU follow the same program as Alberta Distance Education, but please contact the Education Ministry or the HSLDA for complete and accurate information.

Northwest Territories


Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the importance of finding support.

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