Homeschool Essentials: Know the Reason Why

What do you consider to be essential to your homeschooling journey?

On a regular basis, I get emails and messages asking me for advice on what steps are needed to get started and what a homeschooler needs. So, for the next 5 days, I’m going to look at some things I feel are key to homeschooling success.

First is a step that each homeschooler should make sure they’ve done : know the reason why you are homeschooling. 

Each family has their own set of reasons for choosing to homeschool. Knowing the WHY behind your choice to homeschool will not only make it easier for you to explain and refute that decision when questioned, but also gives you something to look back on and reaffirm your choice if or when you have times of doubt or challenges. 

Typically, I’d say there are about 5 main reasons behind the choice to homeschool:

  1. To offer religious or moral instruction
  2. Disapproval of the school curriculum/methods/agenda/environment,  etc.
  3. Bullying or other social challenges
  4. Medical needs such as Autism, allergies, learning disabilities, etc that would be better controlled from home.
  5. Lifestyle choice, such as travelling, sports/acting, or living in a foreign country.

Of course, this list is in no way definitive, and most of the time there are a lot of reasons, not just one. 

When you are thinking about why you homeschool (or plan to homeschool), don’t forget to ask your child. It’s amazing how much insight they can offer into why they are homeschooled.

Take some time and write them down. Think about it carefully, because it actually makes a difference to be sure of why you are choosing something that is essentially counter cultural. It’s easier to fold in the towel if the WHY isn’t clear or you can’t remember it. 

I’ve made a printable worksheet for anyone interested that you can use to write down up to 4 reasons why you are homeschooling your child(ren). Feel free to use and share with anyone who might find it helpful.

Our Reasons for Homeschooling Worksheet

Join me again tomorrow for Day Two – Understanding the Rules.

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