Hands-On Canadian History: The Canadian Railroad

One of the main things that Prime Minister John A. MacDonald wanted to accomplish during his time in office was to create the Canadian Railroad, stretching from one side of the country to the other. It was a very hard task – with surveying and building and blasting and horrific working conditions. Sadly, many of […]

Hands-On Canadian History: When the Provinces and Territories Joined Canada

The provinces and territories of Canada have been ever changing since the country first became official in 1867. At first, it was just a few provinces, but over time, has grown to become the 2nd largest country in the world. Between 1867 and today, Canada has divided its land into 13 distinct provinces and territories, […]

Hands-On Canadian History: Fathers of Confederation

Confederation marks the official start of our country – Canada. But in order to get to that official day, it took several leaders of a variety of provinces to have conferences to discuss it all. We call these men the Fathers of Confederation. There were 36 men in total who participated from Ontario, Quebec, New […]

Hands-on Canadian History: Underground Railroad – Escape Game

In an attempt to be free, black slaves in the southern states made a dangerous and difficult journey north to Canada on the Underground Railroad, running from their owners and the slave hunters. The experiences they faced would have been terrifying, but so incredibly full of hope. Escape: A Night Time Hide And Seek Game […]

Hands-on Canadian History: Rebellion of 1837 Rebellion Box

Have you ever seen a Rebellion Box? What do you think it is? Frustrated with the British government of its time, two different rebellions formed against it in 1837. The one in Upper Canada – which is part of Ontario today – was led by William Lyon Mackenzie. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very well planned or […]

My Canadian Time Capsule

Canadian History: My Canadian Time Capsule – Hands-on History

Far too often Canadian history is presented in a dry, boring way. It’s about facts and dates – and not given a lot of fun or action at all. Yes, in the big picture of world history, Canadian history is pretty small and pretty quiet. We don’t have any major rebellions or knights or ancient […]

Hands-On Canadian History: The War of 1812

In 1812, America and Britain go to war, and Canada – being the closest British colony, is under attack. The War of 1812 begins. Heroes and heroines emerge from the battlefields. Important People of the War of 1812 Matching Puzzle Game Although there are many amazing stories of these important contributors to the war that […]

Hands-On Canadian History: Seven Years War – Plains of Abraham

The Seven Years War, also known as the French and Indian war, was a battle between Britain and France that caused fighting here in Canada as Britain and France fought for the land. The battle on the Plains of Abraham outside Quebec was a pivotal one for our Canadian history as we moved from a […]

Hands On Canadian History: Habitant – a New France Game

In the mid- to late 1600s, France attempted to retain its grasp of New France (aka Canada) by creating a colony here. Nobles and Clergy from France were granted sections of land along the St. Lawrence River which were called seigneuries. The Seigneurs (or Lords), divided up their property and rented it to settlers to farm and […]