Go hunting for beaver skins with this fun interactive game!
Hide cards around your house and get your kids to go gather furs.  Who can bring in the most hides and make the best trades?

Excellent Resources

When attending the Homeschool Convention back in June, I knew I wanted two things: a writing program and a socials curriculum with a Canadian focus. You can only imagine my extreme excitement when I came across a company who managed to incorporate both! I love when I can find curriculum that covers more than one …

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On The Mark Publishing

On The Mark Publishing started as S & S publishing by a Canadian primary school teacher named Ruth. She created lots of educational workbooks and materials specifically geared to Canadians. In 2005, the company merged with On The Mark, and today, their website has a HUGE list of Canadian subjects:

black history month canada

Black History Month

February has been designated Black history month, and we have a rich history here in Canada. Here’s some great resources to learn more. Black History Canada has a large amount of information – from timelines, to famous names in arts and culture, to a printable educational quiz, to summaries of key events in black history. …

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Homeschool Beaver

I recently stumbled onto a website for a new company called the Homeschool Beaver. Canadian Teacher/Musician/Homeschooler Julianne, has put together a creative music collection focused on Canadian history and compiled together in a CD called Canadian History Tunes ©.

Canadian History Reading List

If you are a fan of learning through living books, this resource is for you. I happened to stumble across a fantastic weblist of fiction books completely about Canadian history. Nicola, The compiler of this book list has taken the time to not only list the books into sections and topics, but also lists approximate age ranges. …

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CBC Archives

I’ve said it before, and I’ll likely say it again, but the CBC really does have some of the best Canadian resources available. Today I’m sharing with you the CBC ARCHIVES – which is a collection of media resources from our history. Here’s a list of available categories :

Got A Minute?

History By The Minute

We’ve all seen them on TV. Those one minute Canadian history blips that we chuckle at, but are secretly proud of for our Canadian patriotism. The thing about these short clips is that they are a great learning opportunity, giving a brief glance into moments of defining Canadian moments and people. And you can watch …

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National Film Board

The National Film Board

This video is one of hundreds of films available online through the National Film Board of Canada. Search through documentaries on our history, our geography, our cultures. Follow families as they go adventuring (like THIS family which followed the path of Canadian author Farley Mowatt from Calgary to the Maritimes with a toddler and a …

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Our Canadian Girl

Our Canadian Girl Series

A fictional historic series specifically written for girls between the ages of 8 and 12, Our Canadian Girls books follow the lives of various girls as they grow up in Canada’s past. Meet Margit – a Czechoslovakian Jew who has become a Canadian refugee during WWII. Or Rachel, a black slave who escapes to freedom. …

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Connie Crook

Connie Crook

Another highly recommended author who specializes in books surrounding Canadian history is Connie Brummel Crook – whose books include the life of Nellie McClung, who fought for women’s rights, Laura Secord, rebellions, and the struggles of frontier life similar to those of Little House on the Prairie.

Canada Flyer Adventures

Canadian Flyer Adventures

Recommended as the “Canadian version of the Magic Tree House book series”, the Canadian Flyer Adventures series follows the story of two young neighbours, Matt and Emily. Together, they discover a red sled which takes them on great historical adventures across Canada. These books are aimed for students in the grades 1-3 range. Events covered …

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Dear Canada Series

Dear Canada Series

Dear Canada is a multi-volume book series that presents moments of Canadian history through the eyes and diaries of fictional young girls from each time period.  Homeschooling mom, Alex, reports: “My nine year old is absolutely addicted to the ‘Dear Canada’ series of books. Because the history is presented in the form of a story, from …

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