Hello Nature {Book Review}

I love the idea of a nature journal. In fact, over the years, I’ve bought a few blank sketchbooks with fancy coloured pencils, books on how to journal nature, resources for nature themed curriculum, nature guides, and more. And…. failed. Every time. I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, and when we head outdoors it’s really more a mad rush of kids’ limbs running around instead of intentional nature study, so I’ve found it challenging and overwhelming to work on an official nature journal.

Recently, I was introduced to “Hello, Nature” – an oversized book that helps make nature journalling manageable. Each page has a task, a challenge, or an activity for you to do which are easy enough for your children to do, but complex enough that even as an adult you can participate fully.

The cover is cardboard – which I found to be a really neat touch.

Most of the book is divided up into seasons (with the largest being summer), and each of the pages within that section focus on a unique part of that season. For example, spring gives you the opportunity to draw or tape in flowers that you find, and study tadpoles and butterflies. In summer, you look at birds, leaves, snails, and plants. But there’s also fun activities like how to make grass whistles, daisy crowns, and a fernarium. Make leaf prints and learn about fungi in the fall and observe snowflakes and discover hibernation in the winter. Every single page has prompts for writing, drawing, crafting, or other activities.

This book is a terrific way to start off your own nature journalling experience if you aren’t confident enough to go it alone (like me!)


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