Hands-On Canadian History: Canadian Prime Ministers Guess Who Game

Want a fun and interactive way to learn the Canadian Prime Ministers? Here’s Guess Who! Included are all currently 23 Prime Ministers and The Queen – a neat way to learn and recognize each of the leaders of Canada. This game was designed to use in the {affiliate link} Guess Who board game from Hasbro. There […]

Canadian Federal Elections Worksheet Pack {Printable}

As Canada prepares for a federal election this month, here is a pack to help older students go behind the election. Inside you will find worksheets and activities on the following: The Federal Government and the current Prime Minister A closer look at the political parties, their names, logos, and stands on issues What the issues […]

Prime Ministers of Canada Notebooking Pages

If you are studying the Prime Ministers of Canada and want your child to take some note, here are some notebooking pages. Each page includes a space to print and paste a photo, and places to fill in important information such as date of birth, when they were Prime Minister, what political party they were […]