Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers: Other Great Ideas

Sometimes, you just want fun or unique gifts – so today’s post is a collection of “other” ideas for Christmas gifts.

Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers: Unique Ideas
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1. Homeschool Gear: Looking for a homeschooling t-shirt? Check out my t-shirt store. There’s something for everyone in the family – Mom, Dad, baby, and kid!

Where to Buy: Visit my t-shirt store. Or you can visit Shop Great Products – they have a huge collection (but they are in the US, so watch the cost of shipping!)

2. Young Builder’s Tool Set: This set from Montessori Services – a company that specializes in  providing quality toys and products for kids in the Montessori method – includes a toolbox and a full set of working tools that are miniaturized for small hands of a child. There’s a saw, hammer, sand block, hand drill, level, safety glasses, and tape measure. After 2 years of use, my son still LOVES his tool set and runs to find his tools whenever Daddy needs help!

tools for kids

Where to Buy: Visit the Montessori Services website for this and all their other great products. Please keep in mind that shipping times are longer due to this being a US company. 

3. OwlKids: Canadian. OwlKids offers fun children’s magazines. There are 3 different levels: CHIRP is for kids ages 3-6, ChickaDEE is for kids ages 6-9, and OWL is for 9-13 year olds. Each magazine is packed full of colourful pictures and articles, comics, and other fun activities.


Where to Buy: Subscribe to the magazine through their website – OwlKids

#4. Kayak Magazine: Canadian. This magazine is a kids’ magazine all about Canadian History. It includes fiction stories, graphic adventures, and more!

Kayak Magazine

Where to Buy: Subscribe to the magazine through their website: Kayak. (4 issues / year )

 #5. Mail Order Mystery. This is a really unique gift – with letters, messages, and clues arriving by mail based on the mystery you choose, culminating in a final exciting delivery. We tried ( and enjoyed! ) the pirate mystery.


Mail Order Mystery
We got a mysterious letter in the mail. It appears to be from a pirate. Wonder what this secret code on the back means?
Where to Buy: Visit the Mail Order Mystery website.

#6. Warfare by Duct Tape. There are several editions of these books: The beginner’s book, Greco-Roman, Medieval, Barbarian, etc.  They give step by step instructions on how to make duct tape weapons and armour. If you get them a book, along with the PVC piping, pipe insulation, and duct tape – you have the perfect gift for any child who loves weaponry. (We have a HUGE collection of swords, daggers, axes, and more in the basement.)


Where to Buy: You can get ebook editions on the Warfare by Duct Tape website, or paperback copies from Amazon.

7. Virtual Reality Cardboard Glasses. With these you can run virtual reality apps on your smartphone and be right in on the action! It’s a fun way to experiment with a whole new world of gaming!

Where to Buy: Get these from Amazon.

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