Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers: Books

Books are a terrific gift for any child for any gift-giving event. There are so many to choose from, it can almost be overwhelming! Here are some ideas.

Gift Idea: Books
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1. DK Canada – This company has a huge collection of books, from early readers to advanced reference materials. There’s bound to be something for everyone. Some of the books I’ve had the opportunity to review and share:

Plus DK Canada is also the distributor for several other outstanding book companies such as Brady Guides (video game walkthroughs), Idiot’s Guides (how to books), and Rough Guides (travel guides).

Where to Buy: The DK Canada website showcases a lot of their books and products, however, you need to buy their books from another source – like Chapters or Amazon.

2. This is my Home, This is my School. This book is the PERFECT book for elementary-aged homeschooled kids. It’s a full picture story written from the point of view of a boy who is homeschooled. Read our review.

Where to Buy:  Amazon.

3. Raincoast Books: This Canadian distributor helps bring books from around the world to Canada. Some of our favourites include:

These books are great for the preschool and early school years crowd.

Raincoast Books has a lot of great books in addition to these ones, for a huge variety of ages and literary preferences – you can poke around their website –  to see them all.

Where to Buy: Although you can see all the books they help distribute on their website, you cannot purchase straight from them. All their books are typically available on Amazon.

4. Shards of Excaliber Series. These books are great youth fiction books, using the story of Merlin, Arthur, and the Lady of the Lake in modern-day Canada. Read my review.

Where to get them: Amazon.

5. Lost My Name: These books are great for kids because they are personalized adventures based on your child’s name. When you order your book, you go through the letters of your child’s name and choose the events that are going to happen from the options available. Read my Review.

Lost My Name Personalized Children's Book

Where to get one: Wonderbly Website.

6. Book Lists: If you just don’t know what your child would like to read or are having a hard time deciding what books to buy, check out some recommended book lists. Parents, experts, and librarians have spent lots of time coming up with great resource lists of books for just about every scenario – gender, theme, faith, age, reading level, etc. My suggestion is to go to Pinterest and type in “Book List for Kids” and you will be so overwhelmed with ideas that you might have a book for every gift from now until they graduate college! To get you started, I compiled some of the lists that I found:

Follow The Canadian Homeschooler’s Board: Book Lists on Pinterest.

7. Canadian History Books: If your child loves to read about history, why not give them some great historical fiction? This collection of books includes some classics and more recent books ranging in time from First Nations to today.

Canadian History Through Living Books | The Canadian HomeschoolerFor girls in middle school age, there are some great stories in the Dear Canada Series. For boys, there is the I Am Canada Series. Younger readers will enjoy the time travelling adventures of Emily and Matt in the Canadian Flyer Adventures. Whatever period of history your child loves, you’ll be sure to find something exciting to bring it to life in this list.

Where to Buy: A lot of the books on this list are older ones that don’t seem to be available in most stores – but many of the more recent ones are available on Amazon. Where applicable, I’ve included a link to the book online.

8. Gift Certificates: When in doubt, a gift card can’t hurt. Kids love the opportunity to pick their own books. Here are some good places to get book gift cards from:


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  1. Jaclyn Armstrong

    My son LOVES science. He loves whatever science he is learning at the time. Right now he’s into physical science.

  2. Right now, my 7yo is fascinated with the animal kingdom. I think she loves science though. I admit I am doing a terrible job in the other science areas!

  3. Biology and Chemistry. She’s in grade 1 so a lot of her science is just what we come in contact with through life and then build on

  4. I am new to homeschooling and struggling with what to teach/how to teach science! I’ve heard great reviews of this book and am hoping that if I get it, it will help me to help my boys love science (and maybe even me, too!)!

  5. My girl loves the natural world so the individual snowflakes – and what they all look like – the ideas behind the leaves changing, our natural world and all it’s wonder.

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