Get Back Outside: David Suzuki Foundation

Kids love nature. Our job as learning facilitators is to nurture that love into a caring passion for the environment around them. The David Suzuki Foundation has put together a series of teacher guides to help make that possible with their Get Back Outside project.

Connecting With Nature GuideThere are 4 guides:

  • The Kindergarten book has 4 lessons that cover how to make a natural learning space, create a snail farm, making art and music outdoors, and adopting trees. It comes with all the lesson plans and handouts you need.
  • Primary is for grades one to three and covers: air, water, soil, sun, plants, and animals, plus an intro and final lesson with detailed plans and also handouts.
  • The grade 4 to 6 book has a total of 16 lessons, and guidelines on how to adapt depending on the number of lessons you have time for: 3, 5, or 8+. It explores the world and nature around you, as well as introducing the work of David Suzuki. It is filled with lesson and worksheets.
  • The Grade 7 & 8 book has 8 lessons that covers ecosystems, waste, air, water and energy, with everything you need.

The lessons actually get kids outside and hands-on. They are designed to bring kids into nature and discover their world.

These books are completely free Рyou just need to provide your email information for their newsletters.

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