Canadian Geographic : Off The Map

If you are looking for a creative way to learn about Canadian geography, a good place to stop by is the Canadian Geographic website. One of the fun features you will find is called, Off The Map. It’s an interactive Canadian map that allows you to choose different categories, like food, sports, bugs, music, etc […]

Trip Across Canada

One of my guilty pleasures is spending time blog surfing. I love to read other people’s blogs – especially homeschoolers! – see how they are learning and what they are up to. I love finding great resources that people have put together. And I recently found a great one!

Canada Cool

We all know that Canada is cool – but now we can find out some of the reasons why! Created by travel writer, Lucy Izon, Canada Cool is a website that is devoted to showcasing everything cool about our country. Simply click on the map, or on the province of your choice to find some […]

Historical Maps

Today’s Homeschool Freebie of the Day  was a link to a great collection of historical world maps, so I decided to check it out. The collection is HUGE, including an exceptional amount of Canadian ones. Great for history, geography and so much more, these maps are very interesting to look at. This resource is presented by […]

All Across Canada

“All Across Canada” eBook

June 2013: This book is no longer free to download. It looks like it’s around $2 for a digital copy through Amazon, and $18 for a print copy. Here is a FREE resource to add to your homeschool collection – it’s a downloadable e-Book called “All Across Canada” which features a group of delightful animated […]

Donna Ward - Northwoods Press

Donna Ward – History and Geography

Of all the resources that have been recommended to me, I’ve heard this name the most. Donna Ward. Now, I have to admit… I’m a little biased because Donna was my youth pastor’s wife while I was in high school and I love her to pieces. Of COURSE I think that she’s amazing. 🙂 Donna […]