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French is a hard subject to find the perfect curriculum for. There are a lot of options available, but not all of them are the best or offer fully rounded learning. Personally, I’ve been impressed by French Essentials. Created by a Francophone family based out of Quebec, this program offers a computer-based learning experience that includes listening, reading, speaking, and writing as well as Francophone cultural information.

French Essentials is a multi-book program designed intentionally for home learner. There are currently 6 books in the series. Books 1 through 5 are for elementary years – grades 5 through 8 level and Book 6 is for early high school. 

The books are all digital – meaning you download PDF files and open them on your computer. Embedded in the pages are clickable audio links. If you look at the sample book (which you can download for free in their store), you can see a good example of what is included. There are listening and speaking exercises, pronunciation and grammar activities, cultural information (like learning about la bise, kissing people on the cheeks in greeting), and worksheets on the topic you are covering in that lesson.

We’ve found that the lessons are just right in length, keeping the kids interested without dragging on or going too fast that they can’t remember what they’ve learned so far. Because of the format, kids can work independently on the program too, meaning that parents don’t have to be proficient French speakers in order to successfully use and teach from French Essentials.

The website features a student login section with some additional extra features such as quizzes, etc. But these are completely optional and not required – simply just for fun and review.

Price wise, at the time of this post, books 1 through 4 are $79.94 while books 5 and 6 are $89.95. You can also buy books in bundles to get a better discount.

To find out more or order your own books, visit

8 thoughts on “French Essentials”

  1. I’m interested in this curriculum as it’s very difficult to find french material my kids and I are happy with. However, I’ve been looking for reviews on this curriculum but other than yours the most recent I can find was written in 2013. Is this curriculum still being used by people? I’d like to try it but it concerns me that there seems to be such a void in reviews or any online discussions regarding it over the past 5 years.

    1. Hi Charity,

      I’m not really sure why they don’t have many reviews available. It does baffle me why more people don’t know about them. I liked their program whenever we’ve used it.

  2. This program looks great, and it’s Canadian French – even better. But are they still existing? I cannot find their website…do you know anything about it? thanks.

    1. Someone else pointed out that their website seems to be gone to me recently. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get a hold of them and I’m thinking there’s a chance they have closed their business. πŸ™ Which is sad, because I really liked their program!

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