The Financial Guide – for Children

Published by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada, this FREE series is age-appropriately geared to teach children about money, savings and how to stay out of debt – something our current society falls prey to so easily in our credit card accessible lives.

Each of these guides are available in a .pdf format to download directly or can be ordered in a paper format.

Financial Guides for Kids

The Financial Guide – for 5 and 6 year olds: This guide is full of lesson plans, activities and games to teach early learners about money values and recognition, matching coins with price tags, the history of money, how to save (and make your own piggy bank!), and more. The printed version comes with cardstock tear out money and cards to play with. 

The Financial Guide – for 7 and 8 year olds:
This guide has activities to teach about saving for purchases, the importance of a bank account and how interest works, and to make children aware of advertising methods.

The Financial Guide – for 9 to 12 year olds:
This guide explores the differences between goods and services, the effects of consumption, deciding if things are needs or wants, advertising, income and expenses and learning about the people whose faces are on the Canadian bills.

The Financial Guide – for Teenagers (13 to 15):
This guide focuses on the real costs of living, the dangers of advertising, how to create a budget and follow it, how interest on loans and credit cards work, how jobs pay, how to apply for jobs, investments and savings, and preparing for their future.

The Financial Guide – for post-Secondary students:
This guide deals with the realities of finances in a post-secondary life – budgetting, banking, taxes, credit, employment, savings, housing and transportation, etc.

Budget Guide for Post-Secondary Students:
A printable budget for each semester session.

Also available in ONLY PRINT format are activity guides for each age range, a game, puzzle and educational cartoons. You can order them HERE.

These links no longer are active. Most of these are no longer available, but a few of the levels  ARE currently still orderable: ORDER HERE

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