Storyline Online

Not Canadian, but still a great resource. Thanks to the Screen Actors’ Guild, StoryLine Online features well known actors like Betty White, James Earl Jones, Sean Austin and Amanda Bynes,  reading kids’ stories. You get to watch the illustrations come to life as the story is read and enjoy a great storytime!


Sorry for another non-Canadian resource this week, but this one starts soon and is very exciting! National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) starts on Nov.1!  There are 2 main streams for this great idea – one for adults which challenges it’s participants to write a 50,000 word novel from scratch within the 30 day deadline, …

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Basic Cozy Spelling Course

Basic Cozy Spelling Course

If you’ve been looking for a way to develop the spelling skills of your child in the Grade 6 to 8 range, let me introduce you to the Basic Cozy Spelling course. This course is completely free – which already makes it a valuable resource, but is also Canadian – which means our children learn …

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Complete Canadian Curriculum Books

June 2013 – Be sure to see my updated post on the SmartSeries books and their new FrenchSmart. These books are quality books, widely used and recommended by many in the homeschooling community.  I got the Grade 1 Complete Canadian Curriculum in a sale out collection I bought from a retiring Grade 1 teacher. I …

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Society for Quality Education

Society for Quality Education

One of the recommendations I received was for The Society for Quality Education. Mark referred to this site as being one of his “cherish Canadian resources”. This organization was founded by a collection of teachers and parents,etc – who had children in public school that had challenges ranging from reading issues to bullying. They did …

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Read Up On It

Read Up On It

June 2013: This publication is no longer available, however the website has been archived and can still be referenced. The Department of Library and Archives Canada offers an annual publication called “Read Up On It“. Their website describes it as ” a publication that promotes Canadian children’s literature and reading. It highlights notable books on …

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