Essential Skills Advantage

Essential Skills Advantage is a Canadian-based company is focused on developing language (and other) skills in kids from Kindergarten to Grade 6 through a series of online activities and challenges. It’s not presented as a game, but simply activities. Our family first had the opportunity to review it back in 2014, and since then it has …

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English Language Reference Pack

Learning the English language and all its grammatical structures can be a challenge, so here’s a short reference pack to help explain some of it.   It includes: What are nouns? Plural nouns rules Showing possession Pronouns What is a verb? What is an adjective? What is an adverb? Punctuation

Grammar Check Makes Your Writing Even Better

This post contains affiliate links. By now, we are all familiar and comfortable with spell-check. But what about grammar check? Thankfully, there is an excellent tool you can use to help make your writing more efficient. Find out if you’ve used the proper there/their/they’re, if you have commas in all the right places, used the …

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Book Report and Reading Log For Elementary & Middle School {Printable}

If you want to expand your child’s reading experience through a book report, check out this free printable. This 9 page pack includes: A reading log for both elementary and middle-school aged students Worksheets for both fiction and non-fiction books for both levels Prompts to get thinking going for answers and deeper evaluation of the …

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Punctuation? Book Cov

Punctuation Book Review

Are you learning about punctuation? Sometimes, it can be a little challenging to come up with a clear definition of what each part of punctuation is used for. If this is you, or your child, you might want to check out this little book called Punctuation..? by User Design. Only 35 pages long, this little book from …

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Homeschool Spelling Advice

Is spelling an important thing to teach in our homeschool? This month, some of the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team shares their experiences with spelling. Jen – Reasons Why I Think Kids Should Learn To Spell There are many life skills that are no longer required in public school as I learned that day in talking with …

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Weekly Spelling Activities {Printable}

Looking for a more hands-on, interactive way to get spelling words to stick in your kids’ heads? Check out this simple weekly spelling activities list. Separated into daily activities, kids get some autonomy in learning their spelling by being able to choose the things they want to do. Mondays and Fridays are set activities: writing …

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Sequential Spelling Review

This year, we needed something different for spelling. We decided to give the program, Sequential Spelling a try. Over the last few years, I thought I’d do spelling simply. I just printed out the Dolch sight words list and broke it down into groups of 10 words per week. Each week, the boys would work …

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Teach Your Kids About … Dolch Sight Words

In the 1940’s,  a man named Edward Dolch published a list of 220 commonly used words of the English language – mostly in children’s books of the time. Intended to be taught as “sight words” instead of phonetically sounded out, this list of Dolch Sight Words is still important for our kids to recognize while reading even today! …

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