Educents is a website designed to offer discounts and sales on educational resources and materials. They provide sales of up to 90% off on products such as:

  • Magic School Bus Science Kits
  • Printable lessons and activities
  • Online classes and programs
  • other curriculum tools

I’ve enjoyed being able to take advantage of free and discounted offers on things like Minecraft themed writing prompts, a miscellany of language and math printables for early years, and more.

The sales go on rotating cycles of varying lengths. It’s easy to see what is on sale just by checking out the home page and tabs at the top of the website. Everything is marked clearly to tell you what the deal is – whether that be as a freebie or as a discount. Ordering is simple too – just click and it goes to your shopping cart.

There is only one major downside to the resources available on Educents.

They don’t ship to Canada. 

Now, this isn’t always an issue as many of the deals are through other companies and Educents doesn’t even handle the shipping part of the offer. But make sure you read the descriptions and information carefully before ordering, and don’t be afraid to ask questions to confirm if you aren’t sure. All downloaded materials are safe to order, as are online classes.

A terrific resource for home educators, Educents is a good place to check for deals on curriculum.

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  • by Heather McCully Posted March 28, 2015 1:54 am

    I am fortunate to live in a border town so I have it shipped to an independent depot using their address. I’ve gotten alot of stuff from Educents. It’s a great resource!

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