Learning Resources about the Quebec Winter Carnival

Carnaval de Quebec

Every winter, Quebec City comes alive with a winter festival known as Carnaval de Quebec. It features crazy winter activities such as snow sculptures, dog sledding, tubing, tobogganing, ice buildings, ice canoe races, and more. Jolly Bonhomme Carnaval is the ambassador and host of the event, which lasts for several days.  About Carnaval Quebec Winter Carnival […]

Why Kids Should Study Current Events

Reading, writing, math, science, history, geography, languages… with so many curriculum areas to address, it’s tempting to leave current events out of your daily or weekly homeschooling routine. After all, what could the news possibly contribute to your child’s education? Actually, a lot. The study of current events rates as one of the most important […]

Teach Your Kids About … Journalism

Journalism is the compilation and editing of news to present in media. Here are some resources for your students to learn more about journalism, researching and creating articles. Elementary School Lessons & Resources The 5Ws and H worksheet on Homeschooling DIY Newspaper Writing and Reporting Printable on Deceptively Educational Write a Family Newspaper on Imagination […]


Little Passports Teaches You The Symbols of the Sochi Spirit in the 2014 Winter Olympics!

Little Passports Teaches You The Symbols of the Sochi Spirit in the 2014 Winter Olympics! The Winter Olympic Games take place in Sochi, Russia this year! Host Countries and Cities love incorporating distinctive cultural details throughout each Olympics to share their history and spirit with the world. What are some features that make the 2014 Winter […]

Current Events For Kids with LesPlan

If you are looking for a kid-safe, study-ready way to learn and examine current events, this is a terrific resource for you. LesPlan is a Canadian-based company that offers current event study materials through both printed publications and the web for students ranging in age from Grade 3 to 10. Although intended for schools, this […]

Teaching about Disasters

After a horrifying few days watching Japan struggle with the aftermath of their huge earthquake and resulting tsunami, dangers of a nuclear power plant, and so much more… I’ve been left wondering how exactly this can be a learning moment for our kids. I don’t want them to be scared, but we have watched bits and […]