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Usually in the spring, there are several conferences that homeschoolers can attend. These conferences typically include an exhibitor hall where you can go see, check out, touch, and buy curricula and other materials. But one of the main attractions are the sessions – where speakers are invited to come share on a topic of their expertise. This month, I asked the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team to write about something as if they were invited to speak at a conference. Enjoy their great posts.

Sharing Areas of Expertise in these Conference Chats
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Annette – Animals Help Us Learn

Animals help us learn in so many different ways, it’s rather amazing if you think about it. Free Printable included.

Alexandra – Me…A Homeschool Conference Speaker?

If I had been asked to write about this last year, I am not sure I could have! One year makes a huge difference though, as I was asked to speak at a conference next July! I will be one of the speakers at the Brave Writer “Be Good To You” Retreat in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am so excited and looking forward to this! It will be a new experience for me and since I love Brave Writer, I can’t imagine a better opportunity!

Joelle – If I Had to Give a Talk at a Homeschool Convention

There are lots of topics that can be touched on at a homeschooling conference, but I would like to focus my talk on homeschooling the Middle School kids.

Lisa – conference chat ~ living organically

If I were asked to give a conference chat; my topic would be living organically. I think the number one thing we can show our children is how to live as naturally, simply and organically as possible!

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