Happy Beach – Perry Springman & Family {Review}

Happy Beach by Perry Springman and family is a lighthearted, bubbly music album for kids.  The Springmans are a homeschooling family from British Columbia who decided to take their dad’s experience as a musician combined with the enthusiasm of their 4 kids, and made-up bedtime stories to put together a fun album that can be enjoyed by …

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Step Into My Shoes: Compassion Canada

In our first world country of Canada, even if your family is considered to be poor or low income, it can be very hard to fully comprehend the poverty levels of a developping country. It’s so easy to take for granted what we have and complain about what we don’t have that when we get …

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Come Sit By Me

Come Sit By Me is a unit study program based on lovely, Canadian picture books. It is designed for use with young children aged 4 to 7, and includes content for all subject areas including math, science, art, language, music, history, and geography. It is a christian program which emphasizes character formation by making connections …

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Kids of Integrity

Created and developed by a homeschooling mom and presented by Focus on the Family Canada, Kids of Integrity is a website which is chock full of lesson plans based on character qualities. There are 16 topics: Acceptance Attentiveness Contentedness Courage Courteous Communication Easter Faithfulness Forgiveness Generosity Gentleness Harmony Honesty Humility Joy Kindness Obedience Patience Perseverance Respect Righteousness Self-control Thanksgiving …

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Bible Study Guide

Many Christian homeschoolers look for a great Bible program to use with their kids and family. The Bible Study Guide for All Ages offers programs for children from 3 years old up to teens and adults, with many different grade level options – including suggestions on how to do the lessons as a family. We reviewed …

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Preschoolers and Peace

Preschoolers And Peace

What I reviewed: Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling older kids with success while loving the little ones at your feet (e-book) What is it? Advice for homeschooling multiple ages by Kendra Fletcher of Preschoolers and Peace Who is it for? Homeschooling Moms How much is it? $2.98US (digital download) Tell me more: Kendra Fletcher is a mom of 8 …

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Tadeo the Turtle

Tadeo Turtle {Book Review}

Canadian children’s author and artist, Janis Cox, has a beautiful book called Tadeo Turtle. This early years picture book is all about a little painted turtle named Tadeo who sees a squirrel running through the trees and dreams of being able to do more than he can as a turtle. When he frees himself from …

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Veritas Press - Middle Ages

Veritas Press

What I reviewed: Veritas Press Self-Paced History: Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation What is it? A self-paced online history course Who is it for? Students in 2nd to 6th grade How much is it? $199 Where can I find it? Tell me more: Veritas Press offers online courses based on a Classical Christian approach to learning. There …

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Go Science

What I reviewed: Go Science DVDs What is it? Science Demonstrations on video from Library and Educational Services Who is it for? ages 4 – 12 How much is it? $8.97 US each Where can I find it? Tell me more: Science really seems to stick to kids who can see it in action. That’s what these …

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