Charter for Children Book Series

Published by DC Canada, the Charter for Children book series makes the Charter of Canadian Rights and Freedoms more personal and understandable through stories of lovable cartoon characters such as Anne of Green Tomatoes, Alexander the Grape, and Thanadel the Canadian Goose. Based in different provinces and territories across Canada, these stories take a small part of the charter and build a story around it – explaining how that section works and why it’s important.

The series has recently added 4 more books to the series, bringing the collection up to current total of 10 books. They are working on adding 4 more soon.

The books are summarized as follows:

Alexander the Grape tells the tale of a young grape whose maturity and passion for politics find him confronted with age discrimination surrounding the local election as well as the harvest. As with all of Milligan’s stories, this book has many jokes and puns that will be appreciated by older readers—an appearance by Pinot Mansbridge, for instance.

The First Flock conveys rights based on Aboriginal heritage through the story of Thanadel, a Canadian goose whose family migrates every year from the Northwest Territories to Colorado. When a flock of crows move in on the migrators’ resting grounds, the geese are forced off their land and struggle to survive through the winter. Will Thanadel and the flock’s Chief be able to make peace with the crows and live in harmony?

The Greyest Tale on the Yukon Trail takes readers on Sam Husgee’s journey as he trains to become a sled a dog for the Gold Mush team. This story outlines discrimination based on race, –which Sam struggles to overcome in order to reach his goal.

In the Hoofsteps of Emooly Murphy takes readers to the Calgary Stampede where Eva and her mother live under the shadow of the bull (male)-dominated workforce. Inspired by historical figures, Eva convinces her mother to speak up in order to demand equal pay for equal work.

They sent me a set of books to review. These books are entertaining and colourful. The illustrations are gorgeous.


I chuckled quite a few times at the character parodies that they’ve used in the stories – from Justin Beaver to Lucident Bouchard (in Maple Leafs pajamas!). Also, for the adults – they have some subtle references, such as Anne’s best friend, Diane, and the whole story of Anne the Tomato based in Leamington, ON (the Tomato capital of Canada!). Fun!

The stories inside are very insightful, well-written and very applicable to understanding the rights that are covered in the charter. I love that each one is broken down into a story, and then is followed by a section for parents and teachers to make sure they get the relevance of the story and then expands on the lesson presented in the book with questions for discussion, current topics related to the issue at hand and more.

At the time of this post, the cost for the books is as follows:

  • Softcover (SC) individual titles = $11.95 each
  • Hardcover (HC) individual titles = $16.95 each

To order the books, please visit

Also available in French –

Disclosure: I was given a copy of a few of these books in order to be able to offer a review. This had no influence on my evaluation. All opinions are 100% honest and completely my own. 

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