LEGOQuestII- a monthly Lego challenge for kidsIn January 2010, a Canadian homeschooling mom named Sam started a blog with a challenge for homeschooled kids to join in and create with Lego based on a theme. By 2012, she’d done 51 different challenges for her readers. There had been over 800 kids from all over the world playing along. Unfortunately, she decided it was time to step down, and finished up the fun after 2 busy and active years. You can see her blog, the challenges, and the amazing creations that the kids who joined in completed during those 2 years on her blog: Lego Quest Kids 

I’ve decided to restart the challenge, as I know there are so many homeschoolers (well – anyone actually) that love and use Lego regularly. Although we didn’t actually post our pictures very much, we loved doing Sam’s Lego Quests and I’m sure there are a lot of people who wish it was still running. [I did try to connect with Sam to get her approval to restart the challenge, but I couldn’t contact her. Sam, if you read this – please feel free to message me!)

Here’s how it will work:

On the first Tuesday of the month, I will post the challenge for that month. There will be some sort of theme or concept to work with – sometimes just for fun, others to build creativity, and some to encourage learning. Your child can use the Lego you have in your collection, or even design with the LEGO Digital Designer right on the computer – whatever works best. Once complete, take a photo of your child’s design/creation to share.

You don’t need to sign up or register anywhere to participate. Just join in. 🙂

If you want to get email reminders about the challenge, you can join my special email list:

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When your child is finished building, take a picture then email it to me at [email protected] with LEGO QUEST in the subject line , along with this information:

  • Your child’s first name
  • Your child’s age
  • What Province/State or Country you are from
  • What you have made


As they arrive, I will add the pictures to the monthly blog post.

The Challenge List: 

Below you can see all the challenges we’ve had over the years.

September: Where I Live
October: Play 
November: Under the Sea
December: Seasons 
2014 2015
January: Technology January: Monsters
February: Heroes February: Architecture 
March: Time March: Astronomy 
April: Colour April: Spring  
May: Metamorphosis May: Motion
June: Danger  June: Food  
July: Night  July: Inventions 
August: Lighthouse August: Nature
September: Light vs. Dark September: The Movies
October: History October: Pumpkins 
November: Biology November: Construction 
December: Reflections December: Snow 
2016  2017
January: Bridges January: Math
February: Simple Machines February: Spelling
March: Mini-Fig’s Big Adventure  March: French 
April: Earthquake April: 
May: 2-D Art May:
June: Water  June: 
July: Spaceship July: 
August: Humpty Dumpty August: 
September: Antarctic September:
October: Warm vs. Cold October: 
November: Balance November: 
December: Scoop It December: