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Looking for some Canadian learning resources?

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Over the years, I’ve both participated in and bought resources in online homeschool sales. But there’s been one thing missing in every sale I’ve participated in: Canadian content. I’ve been asked repeatedly about a Canadian resource sale, so after connecting with some other sellers – we’re excited to do just that for you.

The All-Canadian Homeschool Sale Products

Here’s what you will get in your bundle.

Please note: These are all digital files. There are no physical books.

The Canadian Homeschooler

The Canadian Adventure ebook - take a virtual trip across Canada1. The Canadian Adventure: A Virtual Trip Across Canada.

Take your family on a trip across Canada, using video, websites, games, crafts, Google Maps, books, tourist materials, recipes, journalling, and more.

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Canadian Travel Journal - companion to The Canadian AdventureValue: $9.99

Printable companion journal to use with The Canadian Adventure! Includes a page for each province with space for 3 things they liked or saw and to draw or make a collage. Also has a before & after journal prompt page, space to design your own flag, and a map of  Canada.

Canadian Geography Card Matching Game2. Geography of Canada Matching Game.

Want a fun way to learn and review what you know about the Canadian provinces? Here’s a matching game!

Included for each province and territory is a set of four cards that show a map, the flower, the flag, and the capital city. Print and cut out each card – probably on cardstock for added durability, and then match them up.

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Value: $2.99

Timeline of Canada - to Confederation3. Timeline of Canada to Confederation.

This Canadian timeline tries to include the most important events in our history – ranging from pre-European arrival to the Confederation of 1867. Designed to be used in a 3-ring binder or duo tang, but can be used in a wall format or other creative idea just as effectively.

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Value: $4.99

Donna Ward / Northwoods Press

4. WWII Secret Agents in France. Remembrance Day Lesson.

DonnaWard-WWII_FranceSecret Agents in France is the first of a series of Remembrance Day lessons. This lesson series will not only teach your children about the event but also explore various historical critical thinking concepts.

story about real Canadian secret agents
critical thinking activity – Ethical Dimensions in History
Christian critical thinking activity – Is there ever a time for a righteous lie?
resource links for critical thinking topic
spy code activity
resource list: non-fiction, fiction, biography, videos, websites

Listen to a real and riveting account of a Canadian airman who was shot down over France, saved by the French resistance, betrayed and captured by the Nazis, and survived a POW camp.

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Value: $11.99

Diana Bailey

dianaexplorers5. Canadian History Exploration Mega Bundle.

This bundle of seven resources includes a wide variety of activities for students that include informational text, comprehension questions, and internet research. Students will learn about the explorers who explored Canada (over several centuries and from several countries) by researching them themselves (a Graphic Organizers resource and an Internet Webquest resource) and in more depth, one specific explorer – John Cabot (reading passages, comprehension questions and language use), a set of posters and a set of task cards/explorer cards. A Choice Board resource allows students to choose their assignments (a 3×3 arrangement similar to a tic-tac-toe board) and rounding off the bundle is a resource that includes two activities related to the first Europeans (as far as we know!) who arrived in Canada – the Vikings.

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Value: $23.50


Native Studies6. Canada’s Native Peoples: Mega Bundle

This bundle of seven resources includes a wide variety of activities for students from informational text, comprehension questions, and internet research. Students will learn about First Nations and Inuit peoples in a general sense (Graphic Organizers resources) and about specific characteristics, such as how different groups adapted to living with nature. These resources concentrate on the historical aspect of Canada’s first peoples rather than a modern perspective.

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Government of Canada Bundle7. Canadian Government – Mega Bundle

This bundle of seven resources includes a wide variety of activities for students that include informational text, comprehension questions, and internet research. Students will learn about all three levels of government in Canada: federal, provincial/territorial, and local. There is also a resource on citizenship. Included is a True/False unit that is perfect for review or use as an assessment.

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Value: $23.75

Canadian Identity8. Canada! Canadian Identity Bundle

This bundle of four resources will provide students with a broad look at what it means to be Canadian! The informational text set includes fourteen reading passages with questions (one for each province, territory, and our flag), with a variety of topics, from light to serious. Also included is a set of quizzes to test a student’s general knowledge (fun for a group but can also be done with individual students). Rounding off the bundle are two resources, one about the symbols of Canada and one about Canada’s landmarks.

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Value: $14.50


Hip Homeschooling Blog

hiphomeschoolingK-3SS9. Canadian Social Studies Worksheets Printable Pack.

This fun, engaging, bright printable is a full 28 pages. Finally, social studies worksheets that meet Canadian learning outcomes! Full of coloring, spelling words, copywork, reading, planning, games, mapwork and writing. It incorporates the many different facets of our community and helps children organize and discover how they all work together. Check off learning outcomes, teach your kids about Canadian government, technology, our environment, and more! Designed for grades K-3, this is a fun unit study that will help you learn more about your community and Canada as a whole in a hands-on way!

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Value: $7.99


The Chaos and the Clutter

theultimateguidetofieldtripsincanada10. The Ultimate Guide to Field Trips in Canada.

Discover Canada’s history, culture and natural wonders through hands-on experiences and adventures. Use the book as a travel guide, a field trip planner, or as a virtual tour in a study of Canada.

The Ultimate Guide to Field Trips in Canada is 75 Pages with almost 600 links that allow you to experience Canada as never before.

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Value: $5.99

Frenglish Learning

11. French Sing & Learn Video Course

Cdn bundle promoSing your way to conversation! After using this program, you and your children will know and understand 10 French songs. Using entertaining videos, printable worksheets, activities and games, your children will learn without realizing it.

This course is completely online. As a parent, you do not have to speak a word of French to use this program. I go through the explanations and vocabulary. Easy to implement, this is a program your kids will love.

This program uses a multi-sensory approach to teach vocabulary for maximum recall. Each of the 10 lessons contains:

  • Quick introduction for the parent/teacher
  • Student page with video explanation of the song from me (in English, but with French vocabulary woven in)
  • Animated videos of the songs so children can watch, learn, and sing along
  • Lyrics of the song in French and in English for additional visual reinforcement
  • Worksheets to download & print
  • Links to sheet music if you would like to play an instrument while you sing (optional)
  • Activity and game suggestions to reinforce vocabulary and recall

Check out a sample unit here. (Scroll down to Un éléphant ça trompe).

Make it fun and they will remember!

You will be given a special code to use to register for this course. Code must be used by September 12th, 2016 at 11:59pm Eastern.

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Value: $14.99

Write Bonnie Rose

Write Bonnie Rose: Colouring Books12. Celebrate Canada Coloring Book; Canada: Moving West Coloring Book

The Celebrate Canada Coloring Book is 24 pages of coloring fun mixed in with some handwriting practice and an introduction to the land of Canada! Meet native peoples, polar bears, beavers, Mounties, hockey players, and more! Each page includes a picture to color along with large-print traceable copywork.

The Moving West Colouring Book is fourteen coloring pages with large print copywork to trace, perfect for young writers. Meet the Mounted Police, settlers, Native peoples, travelers from Europe, and a voyageur; travel the Canada-Pacific Railroad; spot a schoolhouse, sod house and more! This is a fun way to combine history and handwriting practice.

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Value: $1.49 & $0.99

Oh, That’s Simple

Homeschool Simplified: Diction13. Homeschooling, simplified: dictation

Learning a new skill is complex. Presentation should be simple. Dictation is the simplest and most efficient tool available for teaching all aspects of language to children. This booklet, “Homeschooling, simplified: Dictation” is the first in a series of little books designed to simplify your homeschooling journey. Through dictation, children learn penmanship, reading, spelling, grammar, critical thinking and so much more in one short (5-15 minutes) daily lesson. Dictation even sets the tone for the day in a delightful moment shared with mom or dad. It’s a beautiful thing.


Homeschooling simplified: writing14. Homeschooling, simplified: writing with children

Excellent writing skills are developed through practice and the mastery of small steps. The ideas for writing, however, are developed through the exposure to great ideas and introspection. This little booklet will help parents develop critical thinking with their children. Through thoughtful and well modelled reading, writing skills are fostered. Resources and recommendations for developing reading and writing are addressed.


Homeschooling simplified: how to read a book15. Homeschooling, simplified: how to read a book so it becomes the curriculum

Family centred learning in a joyful environment is the goal of most homeschooling families. This book shares resources, ideas and encouragement to accomplish this goal!



Homeschooling simplified: chocolate chip math16.  Homeschooling, simplified: chocolate chip math

Chocolate chip math is a little booklet for homeschooling parents. Directed at the primary grades, math is presented in a simple and joyful way. In a five or ten minute lesson, the basics of arithmetic can be taught with ease. And yumminess. Bonnie’s first book, “Homeschooling, simplified: dication” lays the foundation for homeschooling that is cozy and joyful. The basis for successful learning is that the relationship comes first. Chocolate chip math is efficient, inexpensive, fun and tasty.


Homeschooling simplified: what matters most17. Homeschooling, simplified: what matters most

Focusing on the relationship will make the homeschooling day run better. In fact, it will make the whole day and the whole family run better. The relationship is the foundation for successful homeschooling.


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Value: $17.50

A Net In Time

How to Care For Your Bunny18. Caring for Your Bunny

If you have a pet bunny or are soon to get one, or perhaps you are just curious about what it means to have a pet rabbit, this educational resource will help you learn more about rabbits and what they need. Filled with lots of detailed information, it also has fun activities too.

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Value: $5.00



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