Online Canadian Homeschool Conference 2017 Starts Today!

Today is Day One of a project I’ve been excitedly working on behind the scenes for several months – the online Canadian Homeschool Conference!

Canadian Homeschool Conference 2017

Over the next 5 days, join me and an amazing collection of wise and wonderful Canadian speakers and vendors in what has turned into a collaboration of epic proportions! Come listen to over 20 pre-recorded sessions, participate in our live sessions and Q&As, get your type on in our daily live chat times, enter to win prizes, wander through the vendor hall, and shop through (and sell your own) used books.

The goal of this conference is to create an event that offers all the key things from an in-person conference while still being at home. The reason I decided to do this was because I felt a) that there are so many great Canadian resources that need to be showcased as a conference, b) since Canada is so big, it isn’t always possible for people to get to a conference, c) we needed a non-faith-based event that included everyone, and d) that we needed one!

The Schedule

  1. Day One: How To Get Started / Homeschool Methods.

Our speakers today share their insights into how to homeschool with methods such as unschooling, unit studies, classical, Montessori, and Charlotte Mason. Find advice on how to plan your homeschool days, and how to get started with homeschooling in Canada.

2. Day Two: The Early Years / Resources.

Lots of great advice on how to teach your preschooler / early learners – find out about the R.O.A.M. method, how to help your little one learn to read, and the value of play. A librarian shares her insights into using the Public Library system & a blogger shares her advice about why we should blog about homeschooling. Plus, let’s talk about technology in our homes and how to keep our kids safe.

3. Day Three: The Elementary School Years & How-to Advice.

Math, science, history, language, and physical education – advice to make these subjects easier and fun. And, if your family is large, geeky, or has parents who work, we have some great survival tips for you today!

4. Day Four: High School & Other Wisdom

Hear from a homeschool graduate who is now a homeschool mom. Discover the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Join a Q&A session about high school homeschooling. Get insight into finding your purpose. Plus sessions about teaching Truth & Reconciliation (First Nations), why we educate our children, and tips for success.

5. Day Five: Wrap Up Day

No new sessions today, but we have a great final party on Facebook filled with prizes and games!

It is free to attend the sessions live. All you have to do is register and all the instructions of what steps to do next should arrive in your email inbox. When the conference is over, you can purchase a Complete Access Pass to all the sessions if you’d like one.

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  • by Angie Posted February 3, 2017 10:05 am

    Help….the registration button doesn’t work?

    • by LisaMarie Posted February 9, 2017 2:08 pm

      oh no, I’m so sorry that I missed your message! I was so crazy with the conference I didn’t get over to my blog at all for the whole weekend! :/ I hope that you got in and got to enjoy it!

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