Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team Introduction

For 2015, I’m excited to be building a great new network – The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team.


The team consists of a group of homeschooling bloggers from across the country, each with their own experiences and unique points of view. Throughout the year, the team will be blogging on a variety of topics, and at the end of the month, I will gather up all their great wisdom to share with you all. We’ve got a lot of great things planned and hope you will enjoy them!

Here are the members of the team so far:



Amber: In Northern Ontario, Amber has been homeschooling her two kids over the past six years using an eclectic traditional style. Her blog is Adventure Hollow. 




Alexandra: After moving to PEI in 2012, Alexandra’s two older kids started high school, but one is still learning at home, using an very eclectic style. Her blog is Life on a Canadian Island.



Joelle: A French citizen from the Isle of Martinique in the Caribbean, Joelle and her family moved to Canada 8 years ago. A mom of 2 boys, they live in Ontario and lean towards a relaxed classical method of homeschooling. Her blog is Homeschooling for His Glory.




Kimberly: Kimberly is a mom of 2 – teaching her kids in a classical approach. As a homeschooler in Nova Scotia, she has established herself as a help to the homeschool community in her province. Her blog is Homeschooling in Nova Scotia.




Tammy: As a military wife currently stationed in Saskatchewan, Tammy teaches her 6 children with a flexible approach that tends to be based on a literature focus. Her blog is Marching to a Different Drummer.


annetteAnnette: A homeschooling mom of 1 active boy, Annette lives in southern Ontario. Using an eclectic approach to life learning, lessons tend to involve books, computers, and field trips. Her Blog is A Net In Time Schooling.





Debbie: An American who has moved north, Debbie’s family has settled in Ontario. With 3 young children underfoot, her homeschool days are filled with preschool and early years. Her blog is West Word Blog.




Lisa: Living in Quebec, Lisa is a mom of 3 young ones who homeschools in an eclectic style that follows her “crunchy granola” kind of lifestyle. Her blog is Sweet Bella Vita.




Christy: With 3 kids and a passion for political activism, Christy lives in northern Ontario. Together they homeschool with a method that seems best summarized as hands-on and book based. Her blog is Christy’s Houseful of Chaos.


Katie: An experienced Montessori teacher who used to run her own private school, these days Katie uses her knowledge to teach her two older kids at home while she snuggles her new baby. Her blog is Katie Furlong’s Blog.



Bonnie: Living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Bonnie is a homeschool graduate herself, who is currently homeschooling her own three young children. Her blog is The Koala Bear Writer.


andreaAndrea:  A city girl turned country, Andrea and her family now reside in rural Alberta. This is her twelfth year homeschooling her four children. While her two older children take high school courses online, she still chooses a more traditional/eclectic method of teaching for her two younger children.  Her blog is  Just Another Day…In Paradise


leeLee: A road schooling family of three whose style began when they started homeschooling fall of 2013 due to taking 8 months off to travel. It was so much fun that they chose to continue on this year, even though they are more home based. Based in the Yukon, they adapt their learning outcomes based on where they are travelling/what adventures they are having and what they can leverage in the local community. Her blog is Chasing the Sun. 


Rebecca: Rebecca is mom and teacher to five young children ages 1-7 years old. She is passionate about finding ways to teach her children while inspiring a love of learning. Homeschooled herself, she knows the benefits of homeschooling from a very personal standpoint and has an eclectic style of teaching, using various methods tailored to her children’s needs. She has a passion for writing and helping others on their journey. Her blog is Hip Homeschooling.



Kalista: A military wife and mother of 4 (so far!), Kalista’s homeschool approach is relaxed and eclectic. Currently poised to move her family from Ontario to Saskatchewan, you can follow her adventures on her blog When We Are At Home.






Alison: Ontario mom of 3 young girls, who loves to learn both from and with her children, Alison uses a literature focused, relaxed classical style in her homeschool. Follow her adventures on her blog – Learning Mama.


Read all the posts from the team.

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  4. Hi, Been using this website for a while now, never noticed this page! *Gasp!* I am about to blog hop to each of these wonderful blogs listed. I blog about homeschooling middleshcool/highschool in Canada, so I love using your resources, Thanks so much for mentioning an article on Facebook about Library Fee’s, or I would never have seen this 🙂 Love it,
    Find me here:

  5. Hello there! Just thought I’d let you know that Kalista’s blog (Hi Kalista! So exciting to see you here!) is no longer active at that link.

    Looking forward to reading more from all these lovely people!

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