Canadian Geographic : Off The Map

If you are looking for a creative way to learn about Canadian geography, a good place to stop by is the Canadian Geographic website. One of the fun features you will find is called, Off The Map. It’s an interactive Canadian map that allows you to choose different categories, like food, sports, bugs, music, etc – and shows names of places across the country that fall into that group!

Here are some examples of the thousands of place names:

“Creepy Crawly Canada” : Grasshopper Point, ON and Mosquito Sands, PEI.

“Cross Country Couture”: Diaper Lake, AB and Tuxedo Park, SK

“Playfull Places”: Scrabble Hill, NS and Puzzle Lake, NWT

“Brand Name Ridges”: Molson, MB and Lac Fanta, QB

There’s lots of chuckles and information on this fun interactive map. Check it out! 🙂

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