Canadian Council for Geographic Education

This council was created to support geographic education in the classroom and ” increase the public awareness of the importance of geographical literacy.”
How do they do that?
Well, their website is a wealth of information.
One of the many great features of the website is the large and varied collection of lesson plans. The majority of the plans are designed for Grade 4 and up, are extremely detailed and offered in a variety of methods – from PDF and word document to some in HTML – depending on your needs and preferences. The lessons are carefully laid out – with step by step ideas on how to teach the topic at hand. There are worksheets, presentation grading materials, evaluation forms.

Canadian_Council_for_Geographic_EducationSome examples of the lessons include:
  • Canada in 2050
  • Buried Treasure (Offshore Oil)
  • Human Influence on the Oceans
  • Coral Reefs
  • Comparing Alberta to Quebec
  • 100 Years of Immigration to Canada
  • Arctic Web Quest
  • Around the World in 80 Minutes
  • ChinaTown, B.C.
  • Exploration Knapsack – Tools of Discovery

Classroom Activities

If you are looking for more of a hands-on approach to learning Geography – you can find TONS of ideas here. Divided into 5 major categories: Human Geography, Enviromental Geography, Physical Geography, GeoMatics, and Canadian Geographic Poster Maps, you can find an idea for just about anything.

From designing your own suburb, being a geography detective, to examining mud puddles – there’s a lot of great learning available here that doesn’t necessarily fall under an “official” lesson plan!

Geography Jobs

If you have kids that wonder what they would do with geography in a professional way, you can check out a great collection of stories about different people who use their geography skills as a career!

The Great Canadian Geography Challenge

This council also organizes an annual national geography challenge for student in Grade 4 to 10. Yes, homeschoolers CAN participate, but they have to either compete with a local school, or make a group with other homeschoolers. Whether or not you choose to participate in the challenge as a competitor, the past questions are a great resource tool and a test of your own geographic skills.

The official link to the challenge can be found HERE.
This deserves it’s own post but for now I will say that there are a lot of links from the CCGE’s website to Canadian Geographic. You can find an online atlas, games and quizzes, more lesson plans, and an exhaustive glossary.

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