Canada’s Forests Teaching Kits

In Canada, our forests are some of our richest resources.


The Canadian Forestry Association has created a series of 8 Forestry teaching kits designed to help kids learn the value of forests and taking care of them.


Available in both English and French, they include the following units:

  • Forestry Teaching KitsVolume 1: Canada’s Forests — Learning from the Past, Building for the Future
  • Volume 2: Canada’s Forests — A Breath of Fresh Air
  • Volume 3: Canada’s Forests — All Things Big and Small
  • Volume 4: Canada’s Forests — Source of Life
  • Volume 5: Canada’s Forest — A Fine Balance
  • Volume 6: Canada’s Forests and Wetlands — Our Natural Water Filters
  • Volume 7: The Boreal Forest — A Global Legacy
  • Volume 8 : Canada’s Boreal Forest — Tradition and Transition

Each unit has a series of lessons plan with a wide variety of lessons, activities, resources, worksheets and more. The lessons encompass a range of grade and age levels, too – some for primary, some for middle school, and some for high school.

If you are looking for a particular kind of lesson (group, project based, games, research, outdoors) – they’ve even created a separated list of each to make it easier to find.

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