Canada Post

Our Canadian mail system offers children, parents, and educators a chance to learn more about the postal system through their special website: Postal Planet.

The Lesson Plan section has both a list of current plans – such as making a chart of why people write letters, and learning the magic of paper, as well as recent lessons which cover the history of stamps!

Kids can also poke around the website and learn more about stamp collecting, being a stamp detective. There’s activities and games – including a game called StampQuest, where you have to help the hero collect stamps!

This is a great start into a postcard exchange activity, or a new penpal.

If your child enjoys learning about the post, they might also be interested in the Canadian Postal Museum, which is housed by the Canadian Museum of Civilizations. Their website has a few interactive displays – and you can visit in person to learn more!

Fun site and a good way to learn more about our mailing system here in Canada.

June 2013 – Sadly, it appears that many of the sites that were available when this post originally went up are no longer available. Even the postal museum is closed, but you can still find some of their articles and exhibits online.

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