Canada Cool

We all know that Canada is cool – but now we can find out some of the reasons why!

Created by travel writer, Lucy Izon, Canada Cool is a website that is devoted to showcasing everything cool about our country. Simply click on the map, or on the province of your choice to find some great reasons that Canada is cool.

Did you know that Nunavut has the most northly permanently inhabited location in the world? Or that you can see the world’s largest concentration of garder snakes in Narcisse, Manitoba? Or that seaweed from PEI is used to hold ingredients together in shampoo, salad dressings and more? Or that you can’t sink in Little Manitou Lake in Saskatchewan because it has too much salt?

There is also a small section on Lucy’s favourite scenic day drives.

Offer your great suggestions to add to the site, and follow the site on twitter (@CanadaCool).

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