Build Your Bundle Homeschool Edition: 5 Reasons It’s My Favourite Sale

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The Build Your Bundle sale is my favourite homeschool curriculum sale of the year. I look forward to it every spring.

Build Your Bundle Sale: My Favourite Homeschool Sale

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What IS the Build Your Bundle Sale?

Every year (typically in May) the Build Your Bundle sale is held, offering homeschoolers worldwide with the opportunity to buy a collection of digital homeschool resources for a great deal. Companies from all over submit products to the Build Your Bundle team who then carefully put them into a selection of highly discounted premade bundles that focus on different themes like Charlotte Mason, grade ranges, unit studies, parenting support, homeschool tools (like planners) and more. They also offer the unique opportunity to select from the different products to create your own bundle, meaning that you can pick the products that work specifically for your families needs.

My 5 Reasons I Love the Build Your Bundle Sale:

5. It’s Digital Resources. 

I know that not everyone loves or using digital homeschooling resources, but I totally love them. They just often make sense for our family for many reasons, but the biggest one for me is that typically buying a digital resource means I only need to buy it once and can use it with multiple children. It’s a major time and money saver for me and is totally worth it.

4. The Team in the Background.

As a contributor / affiliate of this sale, I’m lucky to be able to connect with and work with a group of amazing people behind the scenes. The team that puts this bundle sale together are top-notch and it’s one of my favourite things about this sale. I look forward to working with this group of people each year and spending several weeks networking and getting to know them all better. Ok, ok – so this isn’t really a reason for you, dear reader, but it is for me! From your perspective, this is a really good bonus because you can know that the team planning and promoting this sale are loving what they do, are trying to offer you the best resources, and that they are working together to make an experience that is fun and helpful!

3. Wide Variety of Resources.

This sale always introduces me to new companies, new resources, new ways of thinking or doing things in our homeschool. I have found some amazing products over the last 5 years that have completely changed parts of our learning for the better.

For example, one year the company WriteShop offered their WriteShop Jr D program which was PERFECT for my active, hands-on boys. They loved it so much that we (for the first time) managed to successfully get through our language program for the first time ever AND they begged to do the next level. It’s their favourite program.

I love that all there are so many different contributors and products to discover.

2. Great value.

I mean, where else can you get nearly 95% off homeschool curriculum? PLUS the team try so hard to offer extra bonuses and opportunities for you – like coupons, special freebies, and a cool book of bonuses after you buy anything. Plus they have a Buy 2, get 1 free offer – so you can get SO MUCH for so little.

1. Pick Your Own.

To me, THIS is the best thing about the Build Your Bundle sale. Often in bundles you end up with resources that you don’t even need, meaning that you buy a big collection and then only use some of them. But with the Build Your Bundle sale you can pick and choose what products that you really need / want and create your own bundles. I love this because it’s not only the best deal for my money, but also is helpful as a Canadian. There are often some great American history and geography resources in these bundles but I just don’t need them for my plans. This allows me to focus on the things that I really need.

So When Is the Build Your Bundle Sale?

In 2018, this sale is held from May 7th to 14th. When the sale is over, it’s over. Gone. So don’t miss it! 🙂

Some Other Thoughts

This sale is huge. So huge it can actually be completely overwhelming and at first glance, it can be seem like there isn’t anything that is a good fit. I recommend taking some time to look through the products and bundles slowly and in detail before writing off the whole thing. That single step has helped me find things that I ended up loving instead of just giving them a pass.

You have time to pick and choose what will work best for you. The sale is a full week long so use it to your advantage.

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