Voices of Future Generations: Free Digital Books From Children Around the Globe

The Sustainable Development Goals (often known as Agenda 2030) were adopted in 2015 by nations from across the globe. In line with these goals and to encourage children to get involved in helping to achieve them, Voices of Future Generations (a UNESCO project) was launched in 2014.  Books authored by child authors around the Sustainable […]

The Happy Snow Friends Counting Book By Marty Layne

“One happy snow friend was wondering what to do.” And thus begins a short picture book story called The Happy Snow Friends Counting Book – featuring a collection of needle felted snow friends as they gather together on a winter’s day. The book written and crafted by Canadian author Marty Layne, aims to bring together the […]

Search & Discover Canada FB

Search & Discover Canada – A Find-It Book {Review}

Finding fun ways to learn more about Canada’s history and culture is always a win. Search & Discover Canada is a great example of this. What is Search & Discover Canada? Canadian artist, and homeschool mom, Cheryle Gurnsey, has created a beautiful and interactive set of artwork for everyone to enjoy while learning more about […]

Lily in the Loft Picture Book

Lily in the Loft Review

This post includes affiliate links. From the early 1900s to 2000, a newspaper called The Western Producer included a special section that published the works of kids all over the prairies of Canada. They were members of the Young Co-Operators’ Club, kids who sent in their poems and stories to earn points and badges. Carol […]

Ultimate Field Trip Guide – Canada

Canada is an amazing country – you can see and experience it from coast to coast through some unique and exciting destinations. Whether we’re taking a journey to a local attraction for a learning experience day, or travelling from one coast to the other, or even touring the country from in front of our computer screen […]

YesterCanada: Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure

Canada’s history is full of stories of the experiences of people who have lived here, but we often get caught up in the big picture moments instead of magnifying these little moments. YesterCanada by Elma Schemenauer is a collection of short historical fiction stories that pause at these unique events to give us a glimpse […]

Punctuation? Book Cov

Punctuation Book Review

Are you learning about punctuation? Sometimes, it can be a little challenging to come up with a clear definition of what each part of punctuation is used for. If this is you, or your child, you might want to check out this little book called Punctuation..? by User Design. Only 35 pages long, this little book from […]

Moose in a Maple Tree

A Moose In A Maple Tree

“On the first day of Christmas, a Canuck sent to me a moose in a maple tree.” And so begins author Troy Townsin’s All-Canadian 12 Days of Christmas book – A Moose in a Maple Tree. Filled with iconic Canadianisms such as hockey players, the RCMP, beavers, polar bears, and totem poles – this is […]

When We Were Alone: A Residential School Storybook {Book Review}

One of the biggest dark spots on Canadian history is the implementation of the residential school system for the First Nations children. With the intention of helping Indian children from savage to civilized, they were torn away from their families and forced to live in schools where they were stripped of everything of their culture, […]