Homeschool FREEBIE of the Day

This is NOT a Canadian resource, but it’s too valuable not to share! Homeschool Freebie of the Day provides 1 free downloadable goodie every weekday. These resources range from 1900s’ boys’ handybooks and sewing lessons, to homeschooling time management ebooks to audio book readings to cookbooks to sample chapters of popular curriculums to ….. If …

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For Canadian Hockey Fans


Hockey Canada has a website specifically for children. You can check it out at : The whole website is mascoted by a polar bear named Puckster and offers children the chance to learn more about hockey in Canada. On the site, kids can: Design their own hockey cards. Play online games like “The OneTimer …

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Our Canadian Girl Series

Our Canadian Girl

A fictional historic series specifically written for girls between the ages of 8 and 12, Our Canadian Girls books follow the lives of various girls as they grow up in Canada’s past. Meet Margit – a Czechoslovakian Jew who has become a Canadian refugee during WWII. Or Rachel, a black slave who escapes to freedom. …

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Connie Crook

Connie Crook

Another highly recommended author who specializes in books surrounding Canadian history is Connie Brummel Crook – whose books include the life of Nellie McClung, who fought for women’s rights, Laura Secord, rebellions, and the struggles of frontier life similar to those of Little House on the Prairie.

Canadian Flyer Adventures

Canada Flyer Adventures

Recommended as the “Canadian version of the Magic Tree House book series”, the Canadian Flyer Adventures series follows the story of two young neighbours, Matt and Emily. Together they discover a red sled which takes them on great historical adventures across Canada – including Vikings, Pirates, Dinosaurs, the Gold Rush, the Titanic and more!

Dear Canada Series

Dear Canada Series

Dear Canada is a 26 volume series that presents moments of Canadian history through the eyes and diaries of fictional young girls from each time period. Homeschooling mom, Alex, reports: “My nine year old is absolutely addicted to the ‘Dear Canada’ series of books. There are books dealing with everything from the construction of the railroad, to the Spanish flu epidemic, …

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