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biblestudyguideMany Christian homeschoolers look for a great Bible program to use with their kids and family. The Bible Study Guide for All Ages offers programs for children from 3 years old up to teens and adults, with many different grade level options – including suggestions on how to do the lessons as a family.
We reviewed the Primary edition, which focuses on the Grade 1 to 2 age range. Of all the programs, this particular edition requires a teacher’s guide since it’s designed for students who aren’t solid independent readers yet. 

 photo primary-student-pages_zps82bb3a12.jpgIncluded in our Primary package were: 

Student Workbooks

Teacher’s Guide

Bible Book Summary Cards

& a Children’s Songs CD

Right off the bat, I knew we had a hit. 

biblestudyguideteachersguideThe teacher’s guide is a spiral bound flip book that covers everything needed for each lesson. As the teacher, I love that each lesson is laid out in a clear and definable series of steps. The guide for the adult has everything in an easy to follow format of A, B, C, sequence, with a list of materials needed for that lesson and review questions. This guide has all the answers to the kids’ worksheets, which helps in case anything isn’t quite clear from the question. 

The student books are paper worksheets – wide pages (8½” x 14″, I think). On the front of each page are all the small sections of the daily lesson – review, memory verse, things to know about for the current lesson, timelines, and cartoons. On the back of the page is the Bible Story itself, broken down into comic book style boxes, with interactive activities for each box to help make sure that the kids are paying attention! 

Since the two boys who are primary aged are both very early readers, this is fantastic. Although it does offer reading opportunities (the side of the story page as the story broken down in sections and some words within some of the boxes) – it’s not DEPENDENT on reading skills, which means it can be used with a wide variety of ages and skill levels. That’s important to me.
biblestudyguidestudentbookI decided to split each lesson into 2 days, because my boys have a hard time focusing/sitting still after a while and I’d rather they really get all this without having a struggle from them. We do all the sections, right through to the story on day 1 and then the wrap up and review on day 2 before moving onto the next lesson. 

The first section of this Primary book starts at the story of Joseph – his dreams, being sold, being a slave, and eventually being 2nd in command of Egypt. Each part of the story is told in clear detail, and I’ve really appreciated how it’s all been broken down and made relevant to my kids. For example, one of the first lessons had me give one of the boys a candy and not the others. A terrific lesson in jealousy and understanding exactly how Joseph’s brothers would have felt. 

With the kit that I received was also a letter about the program, and it shared that they purposefully designed the sequence of the lessons to cover a mixture of both the Old and New Testaments, instead of just starting in Genesis and going from there. The reason? Because it would take a long time to get to Jesus! We’re well aware of this struggle in our house, as I’ve tried to do it that way. The boys are very familiar with most of the Genesis stories, because I’ve restarted with Creation far too many times…. ha.

Within the workbooks, I love the cartoon images. They are very cute and well-designed. Each character is recognizable. After flipping through the Bible summary cards, I found a death scene from one of the books and all the cartoons had x’d out eyes. Currently, the “x eyes” symbol is my boys favourite way of describing death when they are playing, so this cracked them up and made them curious to learn more. 

biblestudyguidecardsSpeaking of the Bible Book review cards, I have to say I am impressed. The fronts of each card are bright colourful images that wrap up the main themes or stories of the book they review, with notes on the back to remind you of what they mean. We’ll be putting them around the top of our wall as we go to show what we’ve covered. 

The only thing I wish was different? The binding on the kids’ workbooks is just glue and already the pages are starting to fall out. Maybe they were intended to be that way – removable? But for us, I think that having the covers and pages attached better would make it easier for us to keep our books in better condition. (I also wish I could stop my boys from drawing laser eyes on everyone ….. )

My plan from here: I’m sufficiently excited enough by this product that I’m actually planning to use it exclusively in our homeschool for our Bible lessons from here on out. I feel the price is VERY reasonable considering the content it includes and the boys enjoy it. In fact, one day when Middle was complaining about having to do school, Big said, “But this is the FUN one!” 

How much does it cost? student book: $5.95 per quarter | teacher’s guide: $9.95 per quarter | Bible book summary cards: $24.95  | CD: $19.95 

The unfortunate thing is that this American company’s shipping to Canada is crazy high. That can really put a damper on ordering fantastic materials. So instead, I’ve been downloading the digital copy of the books from CurrClick and then sending them to Staples to be printed. This is a cost efficient alternative.

Where do I find it?

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3 thoughts on “Bible Study Guide”

  1. That sounds like a very affordable program! I like that you can buy a digital copy, which is great for workbooks, so you can print however many you need and only pay once (assuming the copyright allows this). This been the case for everything I have purchased on Currclick so far 🙂

  2. After checking it out, I guess that’s not the case with this program. Still pretty cheap though.
    “This download is for one student. Please do not make copies for multiple students. If you have more than one student who needs to use the same product, please make an additional purchase for each student”.

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