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Anyone who asks me about how to introduce teaching to their very young child will always hear me go on and on about the value of hands-on play. It’s one of the most vital, and most beneficial, methods of learning for young children. Which is why I’m excited to be introducing Artsy Startsy, a brand new arts based learning curriculum plan for toddlers and preschoolers.


Designed by a Canadian mom with a passion for the arts, this curriculum is a fully seasonal program that covers:

  • a weekly letter & number with traceable templates
  • a classical composer – listen to a wide variety of music, from orchestral to opera to piano
  • visual art – exploration of famous styles and artists plus related hands-on crafts
  • conceptual projects – such as senses, shapes. seasons, and colours
  • literature – recommended reading books for the week, ranging from popular to lesser-known gems
  • a nursery rhyme and activities to go with it
  • nature themes with crafts and other

There are unique opportunities to explore the world through virtual field trips (like prehistoric cave paintings, Pompeii, and even the inside of a volcano!), and the chance to explore the world in their immediate location through things like gardening. The weekly lessons are varied and well-rounded.

Once you log into your current semester, you will find a link to 8 different weeks worth of lessons and a sample daily schedule. Click on a week and everything is laid out for you – with links to relevant sites, or to lists of  suggested crafts or ideas to choose from. 

Here’s a quick tour of the program:

The program has a total of 24 weeks, broken into 3 different semesters. Registration is easy – a simple PayPal payment per semester. At the time of this post, the cost is $48 per semester, with everything laid out, ready to use.

The website is clean, easy to use and follow without the flashy bells, whistles, and distractions that are on many sites. I like that!

One of the great features of this program is that it’s completely adaptable and flexible to you, your child, and your family. So, you can pick and choose what works for you without having to feel stressed about meeting a specific deadline or target. It’s relaxed, fun, and a great way to learn through play.

It’s also designed to be done with your child – creating a great parent-child shared opportunity for learning, which is so fantastic. These early years are very important to help establish that bond with each other, and a passion for learning.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook: Artsy Startsy to stay up to date on their program.

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