Teach Your Kids About … Photography

Pass a kid a camera and they love to take pictures of their world. Photography is a fun and exciting topic to teach your kids. Here are some resources to help them perfect their photo taking skills.   Lessons Photography Unit Study by Cindy Downes on How to Homeschool Today 31 Days to a Better […]

Teach Your Kids About … the Orchestra

Music comes in a variety of forms – including classical orchestral music. An orchestra consists of many different kinds of instruments using different methods to make noise. Here are some resources to help teach your kids about the orchestra. Lesson Plans Music Resources for Teachers by Arts Alive DSO Kids Lesson Plans by the Dallas Symphony […]


  What I reviewed: HomeschoolPiano – Complete Set of Books What is it? Homeschool Piano Lessons by HomeschoolPiano Who is it for? All Ages and Levels of piano – beginner up! How much is it? $299 for an unlimited, lifetime membership for up to 5 students that includes lessons and all extra bonuses (downloads, sheet music, and […]

Canada Doodles

Canada Doodles Book

New from Raincoast Books comes this fun new book called Canada Doodles, written by Canadian Author, Megan Radford and illustrated by Canadian artist Peter Cook …. just in time for Canada Day! Each of these pages is filled with the beginnings of a fun art doodle sheet that is based on something Canadian – travelling […]

childrens book of movies

The Children’s Book of Movies {DK Canada}

Movies are like magic – transporting us to all kinds of amazing worlds and adventures. It all seems so real. DK Canada offers all sorts of great books about movies, including classic James Bond, Frozen, Star Wars, Avengers and other superheroes, the LEGO Movie, and more on sale. One of these books is a great learning […]

Steve’s Music Room

Looking for some music curriculum materials? Check out Steve’s Music Room. Steve, a Canadian music teacher from PEI, realized that there was a need for lesson plans for music teachers and so compiled all his lesson plans together to share. Units include: World Music Jazz Music The Orchestra Canadian Music The Beatles Recorder Rock Band […]

Artsy Startsy Spring Special

Artsy Startsy

Anyone who asks me about how to introduce teaching to their very young child will always hear me go on and on about the value of hands-on play. It’s one of the most vital, and most beneficial, methods of learning for young children. Which is why I’m excited to be introducing Artsy Startsy, a brand […]

DK Canada: Arts & Crafts Books

DK Canada is a great company. They have so many outstanding books for both kids and adults. This month, I’m excited to share with you some of their creative inspiration books – all about making stuff! My boys and I dug into the brand new Mommy & Me Craft book as soon as it arrived […]



What I reviewed:The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner What is it? Early Music Lessons by KinderBach Who is it for? Geared for students ages 3 to 7 How much is it? $130/yr (Special Offer – currently only $95.88/year) Where can I find it? Tell me more:  KinderBach is a music lessons program designed to bring […]